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Suction Dredger

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Dredging Ball Joint

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Dredge Gate Valve
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Dredging Cutter Head
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Dredge coupling
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Dredge Swivel Bend
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Dredge Turning Gland
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Dredge Yard Pitched T-Piece
Suction Mouth

Dredge Suction Mouth

Dredge Bucket

Dredge Yard delivers Cutter Suction Dredgers, Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers, mining equipment and dredging components needed for the dredgers and dredge pipe lines. All dredge and mining components are Designed, Engineered, Manufactured, Inspected and Tested by Dredge Yard's facilities.

Dredge Yard is located in The United Arab Emirates, The Netherlands, and The Republic of Turkey. Dredge Yard is dedicated to the market of dredging and mining components, equipment and dredging and mining technology.

Dredge Yard's mission is to deliver reliable, high quality and cost effective solutions for transport of water, sand and slurry by using the latest technologies in design, simulation, testing and manufacturing.

Dredge Yard consists of a dedicated team from different countries aiming to design the best dredge and mining components and equipment to ensure on time delivery, cost effective production, low maintenance, low operation cost and high grade of reliability of the products.

Over the years Dredge Yard has proven itself as a reliable supplier of many dredge and mining components to many dredge contractors and mining operators world wide. It has delivered many dredge and mining components to several dredgers and improved the productivity and functionality of existing equipment.

Dredge and Mining Components

Dredge Yard supplies several dredging and mining components needed for the dredging operations, dredge pipe lines, mining, water and slurry transport.

Dredge Yard delivers Ball joint, Suction mouth, Pipe pieces, Turning gland, Bucket, Gate valve, Drag head, Quick release coupling, Bow coupling, Dredge and Mining pumps, Bearing block, Double walled pump, Submersible pump unit, Cutter head, Cutter teeth, Cutter bearing and drive, Jet nozzle, Discharge pipe, Inspection piece, Wire sheave, Swivel bend, Sliding piece, Non-return valve, Anchor booms, Hopper overflow, Bottom doors, Suction pipe gantry, Gimble, Dredge Spud, Spud carrier, Bress valve, Bucket wheel, Dredge winch, Suction arm assembly, Booster station, Cutter Suction Dredger, Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger, and Split barges

Dredge and Mining Components

components bow coupling components dredge pump components ball joints components gate valve components turning gland

Dredge and Mining Engineering

Dredge Yard offers dredge engineering for dredgers, dredge and mining related equipment and steel structures for the bidding, tendering and manufacturing of new dredge parts or for modification of existing dredgers or dredge and mining equipment.

Based on the team skills and experience but also on experts in the Dredge Yard network, improvements on existing dredge and mining equipment can be implemented. Dredge Yard uses latest CFD and FEA technologies and its engineers are trained and experienced in using the right tools to increase the performance of the equipment and detecting any problems.

Dredge Yard is involved in many projects for improving pump performance of existing Hopper Dredgers and Cutter Suction Dredgers that are still using old pumps and outdated technologies. Dredge Yard's team of engineers visit the dredgers and study the situation onboard. Back at the office all data is analysed and improvements are engineered to suite the situation on board that significantly enhance the productivity and life time of the equipment.

Dredge and Mining Engineering

engineering dredge yard engineering dredge yard machine engineering inspection dredge yard engineering bow coupling engineering testing ball joint

Dredge and Mining Consulting

Dredge Yard offers consulting regarding dredge and mining components, dredge and mining concept design, quality control, maintenance and repair of dredgers, dredge tender and bidding of dredge parts and spare parts systems for dredgers.

Dredge Yard's team is able to support clients by dredge and mining pipe calculations and advising on the right equipment to be used for the job. Calculations can be made for the right pump selection and power drive selection. Out put in water, sand and slurry can be estimated to support the team in bidding for dredge and mining projects.

Dredge Yard can help customers by improving the performance of the suction and discharge pipe components like the cutter head, pumps, booster station and other components.

Dredge and Mining Consultant

consulting ball joint consulting dredge pipe consulting heat treatment consulting loading consulting production

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