Dredge & mining components

Spare parts for our dredgers

Dredge Yard's cutter head

Cutter Heads & Teeth

Dredge Yard cutter heads have low spill and easily replaceable teeth.

dredge yard ball joint

Dredge Ball Joints

Dredge ball joints of Dredge Yard are easy assembly and dis-assembly.

Dredge Yard dredge pump

Dredge Pumps

The dredge pumps are of a thick and heavy design that will ensure a long life cycle.

Dredge Yard dredge valve

Dredge Valves

The dredge valves have a compact design due to use of high tensile steel. They are designed in three different working duties: 10, 20 and 30 bar.

dredge yard drag head

Dredge Drag Heads

The drag heads contribute to a lower fuel consumption by having a low drag resistance with high production to mix on the highest possible ratio of slurry, sand, clay and rocks with water.

Dredge Yard turning glands

Dredge Turning Glands

Dredge Yard’s turning glands are designed for heavy duty operations in any type of soil worldwide.

Dredge Yard bow couplings

Dredge Bow Couplings

We provide a safe way of coupling and dis-coupling of a complete bow coupling or quick release coupling.

Dredge bucket

Dredge Buckets & Tumblers

Our dredge buckets are designed to obtain the maximum performance and minimum weight.