Bow Couplings

Our bow couplings consist of two assemblies. One fixed to the dredger, for example a trailing suction hopper dredger, and the other part fixed to the floating and flexible discharge line. This line will be hoisted to the fixed assembly and inserted in the case. After insertion the flexible assembly is clamped by two heavy duty locking clamps. The closing of the bow coupling and the locking of the bow coupling clamp due to hydraulic cylinders.

When opening the clamps by hydraulic cylinders, the flexible coupling assembly will be dis-coupled and removed from the case assembly. This can be done fast and safe without the involvement of staff at the assembly itself.

Benefits of Bow Couplings

Short time

The couplings can be coupled and dis-coupled in very short time.

Coupled and dis-coupled

Safe way of coupling and dis-coupling of the complete bow coupling or the quick release coupling.


Remote control and local control of the coupling is possible.

Dredge Yard bow coupling


  • Grease grooves provided in the gland
  • Hydraulically operated safety lockpins provided for safe operation
  • Stiffened arrangement of casing
  • Hoisting eye provided
  • Standard flanges provided, custom flange optional


  • The coupling can be supplied with structure to be installed on the vessel like on trailing suction hopper dredgers
  • For hoisting the flexible coupling assembly which is connected to the discharge pipe, a winch and a sheave, can be supplied and installed on the supporting structure or on the vessel
  • The quick release coupling can be designed and supplied to work in horizontal or vertical discharge line
  • The coupling can be supplied and operated by electrical drive or by hand instead of hydraulic cylinders

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