Cutter Heads & Teeth

Dredge Yard cutter heads are designed and manufactured to meet the most harsh environments of dredging and mining.
The cutter heads are able to cut soil of different type of material like slurry, mud, sand, compact sand, gravel and minerals.

Our cutter teeth are replaceable without damaging the dredge cutter head blades.
The blades are fitted with adapters for easy mounting and dismounting of the cutter teeth. They also maintain the right position of the teeth direction.
The dredge cutter head blades are designed to minimize spill from the cutter. They lead the cut material into the suction mouth in most efficient way.

Benefits of Cutter Heads & Teeth

Easy to use

The cutters are easy to use and easy to handle due to its simple design.

Replaceable teeth

The teeth can be easily replaced for maximum performance.

Low spill

The cutter head has a low spill.

dredge yard cutter head


  • The blades of the cutter head are double curved to lead the material inside the cutter to the suction mouth
  • The cutter head had replaceable adapters welded to the blades
  • The hub is welded to the blades and has trapezoid thread for mounting to the shaft
  • The cutter head as replaceable teeth


The cutter head can be supplied with:

  • cutter shaft, cutter bearing and cutter drive
  • additional cutter skirts on the blades to minimize spill
  • bars between the blades for preventing stoned to enter from the cutter into the suction mouth

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