Drag Heads

Dredge Yard’s drag heads are designed to meet the requirements and demands of dredging operations. The drag heads contribute to a lower fuel consumption by having a low drag resistance with high production to mix on the highest possible ratio of slurry, sand, clay and rocks with water.

Our drag heads are equipped with adjustable visor to allow the beste performance according to every job. The visor can be adjusted according to the dredging depth, soil type, trailing speed and teeth configurations. The visor also has an adjustable water flap to regulate the water inflow. The drag heads are equipped with replaceable teeth, mounted on the visor to penetrate the soil and loosen the sand and cut clay for optimal production. The teeth are available in three types, according to the dredging area. In the heel of the drag head are jet water nozzles mounted to inject water in the soil by which the ground material is cut and loosened.

On both, the main body and the visor, are wear resistant liners mounted. Where there is direct contact with the soil, to avoid excessive wear and achieve a long lifetime. These wear resistant liners can be replaces when worn. The drag heads are made from high tensile steel and stiffened according to Dredge Yard Finite Element Analysis. The complete drag head is designed for easy maintenance and handling.

Benefits of Drag Heads


Low maintenance and easy handling.

Low drag resistance

Low drag resistance with the soil during trailing.

Optimized flow

Optimized flow inside the drag head.

Dredge Yard Drag head


  • Adjustable visor
  • Three types of teeth
  • Jet water nozzles
  • Wear resistant liners at the drag head


  • Drag heads can be custom made according the customers’ requirements
  • Different options for teeth can be provided
  • Hydraulically operated
  • Heavy duty design

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