Dredge Pumps

Dredge Yard dredge pumps are designed by using the latest experience of the experts from the dredging and mining industry with Dredge Yard, customers, consultancies and Dredge Yard Partners. Our designs meet the latest requirements to be able to work in the most harsh environment.

We are continuously working on optimizing the hydraulic design to give the pumps the highest efficiency, best wear performances, highest reliability and long duty life cycle.

Dredge Yard also designs bearing blocks to withstand all the forces acting from the dredge pump and impeller. The bearing block is designed and manufactured to resist the vibrations, thermal vibration and shocks. With the result from sudden impacts on the impeller and loads. The shaft, pedestal, bearings and bearing houses are made from first class material and suppliers to ensure the highest reliability and efficiency. The dredge pumps are suitable for pumping and handling all slurry, mud, sand, gravel, rocks and debris.

Benefits of Dredge Pumps


The dredge and mining pumps have a heavy duty and robust design for handling slurry, mud, gravel, sand, rocks and debris.


The pump wear plates are available in different material allowing the achievement of the right wear and impact performance.

Long life cycle

The dredge and mining pumps have a thick and heavy design that will ensure long wear life and a long life cycle.

Dredge Yard Dredge Pumps


  • The impeller has a double curved design
  • The pump impeller hub is machined to be fitted on the shaft, using a trapezoid thread
  • The impeller has double shrouds on both sides
  • Depending on the operation area, the pump impeller can be delivered with three, four or five vanes
  • The pump casting is type volute and single stage
  • Pump casing is provided with inserted thread to be bolt to pump plates
  • To allow a longer wear life, the pump casing is made from thick material
  • The discharge of the pump casting is provided with a discharge flange


Material Options

The dredge and mining pump wear parts are delivered in three different materials according to the project requirements and customers’ demands. The pump case, impeller and liners can be supplied in:

  • Cast white Iron GX300 and GX260, for extreme dredging and mining wear performance
  • For heavy duty dredging and mining wear performance and medium elongation to withstand impacts cast steel GS32 and GS47, also known as VA47
  • For cost effective and very high elongation to withstand high impacts cast steel GS30


  • Double walled execution to increase the wear time of the wear parts, as pressure on the pump casing is lower than single walled dredge pumps
  • High speed impellers for applications that run with direct drive
  • Gearbox mounted
  • The pump casing can be supplied with ribs to allow higher pressure ratings
  • Ladder or structure mounted for achieving the highest net positive suction head which makes dredging and mining for deep sea operations possible

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