Dredge Turning Glands

Dredge Yard’s turning glands are designed for heavy duty operations in any type of soil worldwide.
The turning glands are designed in three different working duties, ranging from 10 to 30 bar.

Turning glands from Dredge Yard have a compact seal design.
Due to using this design allows Dredge Yard to use a minimal pipe wall thickness of 30 mm.

The design of the turning glands is made with 3D CAD and FEA.
The turning glands are manufactured in facilities equipped with high end integrated machinery.

Benefits of Dredge Turning Glands


Heavy duty design using minimal pipe wall thickness of 30mm.

Seal design

Compact seal design what makes the design less heavier.

Turning range

Adjustable turning range by using dismountable stoppers.

Turning glands


  • Low, medium and heavy duty for operation pressure of 10, 20 or 30 bar
  • Grease holes provided
  • Thick walled cast parts
  • Standard flange cast with parts


  • Wear resistant liner can be provided
  • Custom flange meeting customer requirement
  • Custom material meeting customer requirement
  • Custom design meeting customer needs

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