ECO250 Cutter Dredger

ECO250 Cutter Dredger - Dredge Yard

Main features

  • 2 dismountable pontoons
  • Operators cabin on a platform between the pontoon
  • Air conditioning in operator’s cabin
  • Diesel driven hydraulic power unit behind operating cabin
  • Radiator cooled diesel engine
  • Cutter ladder
  • Flexible rubber hose at the ladder trunnion
  • Submersible dredge pump
  • Dredge pump is hydraulic driven
  • Dredge pump mounted on bearing block
  • Suction mouth, dredge pipes and bend
  • Cutter head with exchangeable teeth
  • Cutter head driven by high torque hydraulic motor
  • Gantry to hoist the ladder
  • Hydraulic operated winch to hoist ladder
  • Two hydraulic operated winches for swinging the dredger
  • Two sheaves blocks on the ladder for the side wires
  • Two side wires with anchors
  • Two spuds at back of pontoon
  • Two hydraulic spud hoist cylinders


  • Spud tilting
  • Extended dredging depth
  • Auger head
  • Plain suction head
  • Propulsion
  • Automation & control


  • Discharge pipeline
  • Spare parts
  • Training


  • The disassembled dredger can be transported in 3 GP 40” containers.
  • In assembled condition, the dredger can be transported by road on flatbed trailer.

Benefits of the ECO250 Cutter Dredger

Interchangeable tools

The Dredge Yard ECO dredger platform is designed in such a way that the can be executed with several excavating systems. This can be an auger head, a cutter head or a plain suction head.

One-man operation

The ECO Dredger whether being auger dredger, cutter suction dredger, plain suction dredger can be operated by one man only. The entire dredger and all its equipment can be controlled from the control cabin.

Low fuel consumption

Since Dredge Yard is using an high efficiency hydraulic power pack, a high efficiency dredge pump design, heavy duty low friction bearings, in combination with an innovative and well balanced dredge design, Dredge Yard is able to provide the ECO Dredger with the lowest fuel consumption compared to its peers.

Specifications of the ECO250 Cutter Dredger


Length overall incl. ladder: 15.6 m
Length over pontoons: 11.5 m
Breadth: 3 m
Height of pontoon: 1.25 m
Design draught: 0.8 m

Dredging Equipment

Cutter type: Dredge Yard multi-purpose
Cutter head power: 35 kW
Speed: 0-35 rpm
Dredge pump: Dredge Yard 250
Wear material: GS32 / high wear resistant


Swing winches: 2
Wire pull: 30 kN
Hauling speed: 0 -20 m/min
Ladder winch: 1
Wire pull: 30 kN

Dredging Parameters

Max. dredging depth (45°): 6 m
Suction pipe diameter: 250 mm
Discharge pipe diameter: 250 mm

Spud System

Spud length: 7.8 m
Spud diameter: 273 mm
Spud leg lifting: 2 m

Installed Power

Engine: Caterpillar C11
Total installed: 261 kW / 350 hp

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