Dredge & Mining Solutions

From components to complete dredgers

We are a reliable supplier of many dredge & mining solutions.

All Dredge Yard’s dredgers and components are designed, produced and tested under strict ISO and ASTM standards and further tested and verified.

Our expert team focuses on research and development of the dredgers and components.

Dredge Yard CSD550

Cutter Suction Dredgers

We design our cutter suction dredgers to excavate and transport a wide variety of soil materials. The dredgers can be used in creating, deepening and maintaining of harbours, waterways like canals and rivers, beach nourishment and all sorts of mining operations.

Dredge & mining systems

Dredge & Mining Systems

Dredge Yards team of engineers and experts have a continuous focus on research and development of our dredge and mining systems. We design, produce and test all our dredgers and components under strict ISO and ASTM standards. Every component is always double checked and verified.