We guarantee durable, capable and efficient dredgers at the lowest cost for you and the environment.

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    Cutter Dredger in Dubai, UAE


Auger Dredger ECO 200

Auger dredger ECO 200

Auger Dredger ECO 200 (8 inch) is a compact dredger with 165kW power. It is transportable in one standard 40 feet container completely assembled. Auger ECO 200 is ideal for smaller cleaning and maintenance dredging projects.

Cutter Dredger ECO 250

Cutter Dredger ECO 250

Cuter Suction Dredger ECO 250 (10 inch) is a compact, one truck transportable, self-propelled dredger. It features 261kW power and is also easily customizable – with extended dredging depth, electric drive system and more.

Cutter Dredger ECO 300

Cutter Dredger ECO 300

CSD ECO 300 (12 inch) is a compact dredger known for its reliable performance. The dredger features 310kW power and is constructed of high quality materials to ensure low maintenance costs, low emissions and eco-friendly operation.

Why Dredge Yard?

Quality control

  • We only use Caterpillar engines – durable, lightweight, low emissions
  • Dredgers are assembled and tested in our own facility in Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • We always follow strict ISO and ASTM standards and only use high quality materials

Competitive pricing

  • Optimized dredger design for high production and low operation costs
  • Compact Caterpillar engines with low fuel consumption and emissions for cheaper operation
  • Robust, standard dredger series allows us to offer highly competitive pricing

Technical support

  • Many years of experience to provide high-level technical support
  • We identify minor and major technical issues online or live at your project site if needed
  • Spare parts are in stock to guarantee fast service and avoid delays in your project

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