Dredge Yard at Flood and Coast Exhibition & Conference in the UK

At Dredge Yard, we constantly seek new and innovative ideas. Therefore, we will be attending the upcoming Flood & Coast Conference at Telford International Center, UK from 18th-20th of June 2019. The conference focuses on “Risk, Resilience & Response in a Changing Climate”. The event gathers professionals from the Environment Agency, local authorities, water companies, research academics and more. We are looking forward to discuss climate change, flood resilience & working with the natural environment. This helps us in our mission to work towards even more eco-friendly and efficient dredging solutions that can to improve the environment and our standard of living.

Dredging as flood prevention

Due to constant environmental and societal developments such as climate change, population growth and pollution, dredging is becoming an increasingly important protective process. For example, between 1995 and 2015, flooding accounted for 47% of all weather disasters, affecting 2.3 billion people (UNISDR). Dredging can be an effective form of flood prevention, especially when it occurs due to gathered sediments and debris.

maintenance dredging diagram

Due to natural weathering and erosion, sand, silt and debris are constantly washed downstream. Sediments gradually fill up rivers, channels or canals making them very shallow and creating blockage. As a result, waterways become inaccessible to ships. Furthermore, blockage can cause water to flow over the river banks, flooding the surrounding area. Therefore, shallow waters can have major impacts on local businesses and even become a safety hazard to the surrounding residents and wildlife.

While dredging can be an effective tool in flood prevention, it is important to continuously develop existing dredging solutions for improved efficiency and the least environmental disturbance.

Innovative solutions to climate change

Flood & Coast conference this June will explore themes such as “How do we ensure our shared ambitions match the scale of the challenge and create climate resilient places for
people to live, work and play in? What is the latest evidence saying?” and “The practical action we can take now to create the skills, tools and technologies to revolutionise our preparedness
and awareness and to inspire action in the way we communicate risk, work with others and respond to incidents”.

Flood & Coast 2019 Conference

We look forward to discuss these themes and adapt the acquired insights to our future technology developments.

Are you attending the event? Reach out and meet us for a chat about our efforts in eco-friendly dredging equipment development.


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