Dredge Yard is relocating to better accommodate its clients

Dredge Yard is expanding its business and will relocate to new headquarters and assembly hall to better accommodate its clients.

We are excited to announce that we are relocating to our new headquarters and assembly hall by August 1st, 2019. Our new office is located in Rotterdam South, Netherlands at the following address:

Brielselaan 69, 3081 AA Rotterdam, Netherlands

In the wake of new product development and team expansion in 2019, we are relocating closer to the industry of shipbuilding and dredging. Our new headquarters overlook the river Maas, and offer a glimpse of constant shipping traffic in and out of the largest port in Europe here in Rotterdam.

Dredge Yard New Headquarters

Dredge Yard New Headquarters

Business expansion in Rotterdam

This relocation marks a significant step in the company’s development. Aside from bringing Dredge Yard closer to its industry, the new headquarters will also house a big facility for product development and assembly.

Dredge Yard will now assemble, test and supply all equipment from its Rotterdam facility.

Therefore, we will now assemble, test and supply all equipment from our own Rotterdam facility. This will allow for even better control of assembly process, quality control and quick, reliable product testing right outside the office windows.

Closer to our clients

The modern headquarters are located in Rotterdam South, just 4 kilometres from the city centre. This location will offer our clients easy access to the facility. We will now provide the possibility to take a look at assembly process, newest developments, and equipment in stock.

Shorter lead times, due to assembly and testing taking place from its central office.

Furthermore, this change will allow us to offer shorter lead times, as assembly and testing of products will take place at our central location. Finally, equipment transport will be more convenient, quicker and cheaper for the EU clients.

Map route from old to new headquarters of Dredge Yard

Route from old to new headquarters of Dredge Yard (4.8km distance)

Dredge Yard’s relocation marks a change in company’s organizational structure compared to the previous office by Rotterdam central station without an assembly hall. Yet, the two locations are only 4.8 kilometres and less than 20 minute drive apart. Dredge Yard’s new location is still conveniently central and easy to reach by public transport or car.

DredgeYard future at the new headquarters

In the near future, Dredge Yard’s projects include assembly and delivery of running projects from the new facility. Additionally, new ECO dredgers will be built in stock in the new facility to accommodate other clients.

Dredge Yard specializes in small to medium sized dredgers for small dredging projects, such as reoccurring maintenance dredging. More information and specifications of Dredge Yard’s equipment can be found here: https://dredgeyard.com/dredgers/.

If you would like more information or have any question, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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