Dredge Ball Joints by Dredge Yard

Dredge Yard manufactures and supplies dredgers and dredging components. We have specialized in dredge ball joints since the introduction of Dredge Yard almost ten years ago. Back then, we introduced a new dredge ball joint design, which has been proven and trusted by clients all around the world.

Dredge ball joint casing

Dredge ball joint casing in Dredge Yard facility

Our dredge component manufacturing process takes place in the Republic of Turkey. The process includes casting and heat treatment of all components, followed by machining to the finest tolerances. Finally, thorough testing takes place to ensure long component life. Take a look at our dredge ball joint specifications here!

Dredge ball joint testing

We always conduct heavy duty functional tests on all components, in order to ensure dredging equipment of the highest quality. One of such tests is called the dynamic dredge ball joint test. During the dynamic test, dredge ball joints are tested at a pressure, which is above the required design operating pressure. Additionally, while the ball joint is pressurized, a hydraulic cylinder applies a movement of the ball joint. This is done to simulate the working conditions in the dredge field at the most severe conditions. Severe conditions can include strong currents and waves, maximum dredge pipe length and highest pressure that the dredger can achieve. Therefore, the dynamic test is done to ensure component durability under all circumstances.

Dredge ball joint dynamic test

Dredge ball joint dynamic test

Over the years, Dredge Yard has made its name as one of the leading suppliers of dredge ball joints world wide. We have supplied dredge ball joints of varying sizes and quantities worldwide. One of our projects included the delivery of 50 dredge ball joints to the United Arab Emirates. These ball joints were suitable for a pipe with internal diameter of 750mm and discharge pressure of 30 bar. Therefore, during testing, these ball joints were pressurized to over 30 bar, in order to ensure that they can withstand maximum forces.

Dynamic test video

Take a look at a brief insights of our dredge ball joint dynamic test below:

Following the thorough manufacturing, testing and delivery process, our service team will follow up with the client for continuous monitoring of dredger and component performance and provide  support as necessary. Therefore, you can be sure to receive products and services of the highest quality.

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