Electric Close Blades Cutter Head

With the aim of improving the current dredging process and its environmental impact, Dredge Yard has developed a new electric close blade cutter head and drive. By utilizing the cutter’s center axis of rotation and designing a unique cutter blade shape the result is a state-of-the-art cutter.


  • Closed-type cutter blade to prevent the cut material from falling
  • Fully electrically driven and uses high torque ring motors
  • Threaded connection to the main body for easy assembly
  • Center axis suction system for more fluent flow
  • Adaptable to any standard teeth in the market
  • Can be installed in any existing dredger
  • Equipped with composite bearing (completely water-flushed)
  • High moment of inertia


  • Reduction of Spillage
  • More Production
  • Low Turbidity
  • Accurate Cut
  • High Torque
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • High Moment of Inertia
  • Improves Dredge Pump Performance

Reduction of spillage

cutter type screw

Significantly less spillage is achieved during the dredging process in both over-cut and under-cut due to the unique cutter head design with the principles:

  • The Cutter blades are based on Archimedes screw pump and aerofoil design which creates axial pumping and prevents the cut material from falling.
  • Material flow toward the suction pipe
  • Due to Archimedes design no centrifugal forces in the cutter head
  • The cutter head and suction pipe are aligned
  • The aerofoil shape of the blades leads the material to the suction pipe

More Production

cutting ground dredger

More production is achieved due to the following design:

  • Scooping effect due to the closed blade system. Any material cut will be trapped inside the blades and lead toward the suction pipe.
  • The airfoil shape of the cutter blades accelerates the material toward the hub of the cutter instead of outside.
  • The mixture flow generated by the dredge pump is lead through the blades creating a high suction velocity.

Low Turbidity

low turbidity cutter head
  • Higher flow through the blades
  • Scooping effect
  • Particles are confined inside the cutter head

Accurate Cut

dredge cutter head
  • Less spillage left
  • Under cut and over cut have a similar effect
  • No need for a clean cut

High Torque

cutter head dredging
  • Electric torque/ring motors are used
  • High number of poles
  • Permanent magnets rotor
  • Different speed and torque is possible
  • Low maintenance required

High Efficiency

cutter drive motors

The cutter head is using direct electric ring motors mounted on the cutter special hollow shaft. The design eliminates the use of long shafts, intermediate bearing blocks, gearboxes, and couplings. Due to the direct drive, the efficiency is higher than the long shaft system and higher than the hydraulic drive.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

multi-purpose cutter head
  • Fewer parts to assemble
  • Composite bearings
  • No friction in the motor
  • Cutter hub threaded assembly
  • No oils and seals

High Moment of Inertia

dredge cutter high inertia

A unique feature of the electric drive cutter head is the high moment of inertia. Utilizing the center axis of rotation as a suction system, most of the weights are placed far from the axis of rotation. With this, the arrangement is much simpler and eliminates the use of expensive long shaft arrangements.

Improves Dredge Pump Performance

cutter ladder pump

Since the Drill Cutter is utilizing the center axis of rotation as a suction system, it eliminates the use of suction mouth which results in a much more fluent suction piping arrangement.

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