Mine tailing removal & dredging

Mine tailings are crushed and finely ground rock and mineral waste products of mineral processing operations in mining operations. Tailings can contain leftover chemicals, and are usually deposited in the form of a mud like slurry into tailings ponds. These are sedimentation lagoons enclosed by dams built to capture and store the tailings.

Tailings occur in all sorts of mining operation such as in coal, gold, copper, iron ore and base metal mining. Worldwide, the storage and handling of tailings is a major environmental issue. Our ECO dredgers are very suitable to clean up mine tailings ponds.

In some case the tailings still contain valuable minerals. These tailings can be dredged and pumped to a plant for further processing and capturing the valuables. The ECO dredgers are also a perfect tool for this application.

Our dredgers

Most suitable for settling pond cleaning & dredging

ECO200 Auger Dredger

ECO200 Auger Dredger

Length over pontoons: 11.5 m
Design draught: 0.80 m
Cutter head power: 25 kW
Dredging depth (45°): 9 m

ECO350 Cutter Dredger

Length over pontoons: 19.1 m
Design draught: 1 m
Cutter head power: 45 kW
Dredging depth (45°): 8 m

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