Reservoir, lake & dam dredging

A variety of dams are constructed in rivers for different reasons. They can for example be part of a hydropower installation, used for agricultural purposes or for fresh water storage for drinking water. Throughout the years hydro-power dams, reservoir and freshwater lakes retain and accumulate quantities of sandy deposits behind or in them. Sediments diminish the total water reserve capacity of the plant. Sometimes they can even cause severe wear damage to the turbines if the sediments reach the level of the water outlets. Therefore it is very important to dredge and clean reservoirs, lakes or dams regularly, to restore them to their full capacities and prevent the sediments from reaching the turbines or outlet.

Sediments in lakes and reservoirs mainly consist out of clay, silt and varied sizes of sand. It can also contain chemical precipitates, organic debris and a lot of times combinations of these. Our ECO dredgers are ideal for dam dredging and silt removal from these reservoirs and lakes.

Our dredgers

Most suitable for settling pond cleaning & dredging

ECO200 Auger Dredger

ECO200 Auger Dredger

Length over pontoons: 11.5 m
Design draught: 0.80 m
Cutter head power: 25 kW
Dredging depth (45°): 9 m

ECO350 Cutter Dredger

Length over pontoons: 19.1 m
Design draught: 1 m
Cutter head power: 45 kW
Dredging depth (45°): 8 m

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