River, canal & channel dredging

Dredging rivers, canals & channels is very important to maintain the worlds waterways. That is because over time canals and inland waterways deteriorate, due to natural weathering & erosion and rivers carrying silt. This deterioration goes as follows: As sand and silt washes downstream, sedimentation gradually fills channels and canals. That sedimentation can make waters very shallow, causing floods. It can also make rivers, canals or channels less accessible to a lot of ships. Some deeper lying ships can even get stranded. These problems can have a major impact on tourism and local or international businesses. Therefore, the sediments must be periodically removed by maintenance dredging to keep the waterways open for inland transport & navigation and for flood prevention.

The ECO Dredge equipment can specifically be customized to perform maintenance dredging duties. These duties are: deepening or maintaining canals, channels and navigable waterways as well as restoring or maintaining desired profiles.

Our dredgers

Most suitable for settling pond cleaning & dredging

ECO200 Auger Dredger

ECO200 Auger Dredger

Length over pontoons: 11.5 m
Design draught: 0.80 m
Cutter head power: 25 kW
Dredging depth (45°): 9 m

ECO350 Cutter Dredger

Length over pontoons: 19.1 m
Design draught: 1 m
Cutter head power: 45 kW
Dredging depth (45°): 8 m

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