Settling pond cleaning & dredging

Over time settling ponds or holding ponds in industrial applications may accumulate sludge, silt and sediment from their operations. This reduces effectiveness and storage capacity and therefore, among others, reduces plant availability and productivity. That is why settling pond cleaning or dredging is very important. Our ECO dredging equipment is especially designed to clean, to desilt and desludge a wide range of industrial settling ponds, holding ponds and lagoons. With our multi-purpose ECO Dredgers you can control the maintenance of your settling ponds. And with that, keep your business running effectively.

The ECO dredgers can be used a variety of industrial applications including cleaning of fly ash ponds in power generation, desliming ponds in mining and dredging petrochemical sludge.

Our dredgers

Most suitable for settling pond cleaning & dredging

ECO200 Auger Dredger

ECO200 Auger Dredger

Length over pontoons: 11.5 m
Design draught: 0.80 m
Cutter head power: 25 kW
Dredging depth (45°): 9 m

ECO350 Cutter Dredger

Length over pontoons: 19.1 m
Design draught: 1 m
Cutter head power: 45 kW
Dredging depth (45°): 8 m

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