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Dredge valves launched by Dredge Yard

Dredge Valves Dredge valves are used to control the flow of water and sand in the suction and discharge pipes of either cutter suction dredgers or trailing suction hopper dredgers. The dredge valve is designed in such a way that there are no fasteners inside the body that can loosen and damage other parts during […]


Dredge turning gland launched by Dredge Yard

Dredge turning glands Dredge Yard announced the launch of their dredge turning gland. Dredge turning gland is a component for trailing suction hopper dredgers. It is attached to the lower suction pipe allowing a radial rotation in both directions. Due to this feature the dredge turning gland enables the drag head to follow the sea […]


Dredge suction mouth developed by Dredge Yard

Dredge suction mouth Dredge Yard, based in the Netherlands and United Arab Emirates, is specialized in designing and building economical and highly efficient cutter suction dredgers, plain suction dredgers and auger dredgers. The company has announced the launch of their dredge suction mouth. The dredge suction mouth is a dredge component positioned behind the cutter head […]


Various dredge pipe pieces launched

Dredge pipe pieces Dredge Yard is proud to announce the launch of complete line of dredge pipe pieces. The dredge pipe pieces are used on board of dredgers to connect the dredge pump with the discharge pipe. Dredge Yard specialists designed the dredge pipe pieces in different variety and different thicknesses in order to meet customers’ requirements, […]


Wide range of dredge ball joints introduced by Dredge Yard

Dredge Ball Joints Dredge Yard now introduced a very wide range of dredge ball joints engineered and developed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In order to provide customer with the best suitable solution and lowest cost, Dredge Yard specialists designed the dredge ball joints in 6 different types, giving variations of tilting angle from 15 to […]


Extending the lifetime with Finite Element Analysis

FEA Dredge Yard’s dredge components and equipment are designed using Finite Element Analysis in order to optimize the design and ensure low stress forces in the material. In this way the life time of the equipment is increased and the cost price is reduced. By the late 70’s, FEA – Finite Element Analysis was limited […]


Quality control of dredging equipment

At Dredge Yard we see quality control as one of our top priorities. We specialize in ECO Dredgers: economically designed and highly efficient auger or cutter suction dredgers. We have the reputation of providing high performing products. This reputation is earned due to controlling all phases of the development process like design, manufacturing and testing. In-house quality […]

Dredge Yard launched its new website

New website We recently announced the launch of our official Dredge Yard new website, dredgeyard.com. The website offers easiest experience to our visitors who wish to find more information on dredging equipment and technology. Dredge Yard We are the provider of latest dredging equipment. These dredgers are designed and produced with high quality manufacturing facilities provided by our engineering team […]

Internship opportunities launched by Dredge Yard

Dredge Yard Dredge Yard, a company based in the Netherlands, is the provider of latest dredging technology and equipment, has now launched its branch in the United Arab Emirates to support its customers and increase the companies adding value to its delivery program. Dredge Yard has grabbed the attention of many dredging companies from Middle […]