Wide range of dredge ball joints introduced by Dredge Yard

Dredge Ball Joints

Dredge Yard now introduced a very wide range of dredge ball joints engineered and developed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In order to provide customer with the best suitable solution and lowest cost, Dredge Yard specialists designed the dredge ball joints in 6 different types, giving variations of tilting angle from 15 to 18 degrees and duties for operating from 10 bar to 30 bar. The materials used for the production depends on each part of the dredge ball joints. Because the case and the ball need a high elongation and impact value, cast iron of a manganese alloy is used. The material needs for the gland are cast iron of a chromium, nickel and molybdenum alloy that provides a high tensile strength, high yield point and high hardness values. For wear resistant properties of the liner, ductile manganese iron or hard chromium iron is used.


The production of dredge ball joints is done at a high quality and experienced foundry with the latest production facilities to ensure high quality casting and quick delivery time. To ensure that all parts are identical and interchangeable, the patterns are made from aluminum or hard wood. All castings of dredge ball joint are heat treated according to ISO and ASTM standards and they are measured and tested before machining. After machining and before releasing for the transport, all the products are measured and tested again. During and after production all products undergo a systematically testing including chemical composition and mechanical properties test, measurement test of all dimensions after casting, ultra sonic test, magnetic particle test, surface roughness test and dye penetrant inspection for critical parts, measurement test of all dimensions after machining, hardness test, assembly and interchange ability test, and visual inspection for all parts.

Dredge Yard management has related that: “All measurements and tests are recorded in our database and our customers are welcome to witness any test in our production facilities”. Dredge Yard also offers the opportunity of choosing additional options for the production of dredge ball joint as they can be provided with welded pipe and flange execution, with gland liner, ball liner, extra or special lifting lugs or only with different type of locking.

Assembly or dis-assembly

This wide range of dredge ball joints bring a lot of benefits such as easy assembly or dis-assembly, low required maintenance, quick fix and release of locking. The replaceable liners are made from wear resistant materials and there is a very low friction between ball and gland due to grease grooves and polished ball and gland face. All dredge ball joints are designed, produced, assembled, tested, painted, greased, packed and transported under close super vision of Dredge Yard team of engineers and quality control.

Dredge Yard is the provider and manufacturer of ECO Dredgers. The company emphasizes on after sales and ensures total customer satisfaction delivering dredge related products with a high ratio of reliability and value for money.



Extending the lifetime with Finite Element Analysis


Dredge Yard’s dredge components and equipment are designed using Finite Element Analysis in order to optimize the design and ensure low stress forces in the material. In this way the life time of the equipment is increased and the cost price is reduced.

By the late 70’s, FEA – Finite Element Analysis was limited owned by the aeronautics, defence, nuclear and automotive industries. Later, due to a impressive increase in computing power and a drop in the cost of computers, FEA was technologically advance to a very high accuracy. Nowadays, the computers have the capability to give precise results for all type of parameters.

FEA – Finite Element Analysis is one of the most dominant numerical methods used to check how the structure will react to certain loading conditions. Theoretically speaking, FEA is using a system of points called nodes that together create a grid called mesh. The mesh contains the material and structural properties that shows how the structure will react to certain loading conditions. Depending on the stress levels anticipated of a particular area, the nodes are assigned at a certain density all over the material. Generally a higher node density will be found in the areas that will receive large amounts of stress. The areas that will receive little or no stress it will usually have a lower node density. So, FEM provide detailed visualization of where structures twist or bend and gives precise indications of the distribution of stresses and displacements.


Dredge Yard related: ’’All our components are tested in Finite Element Analysis as one part after that all parts are assembled and tested under pressure and maximum movements. Worst cases scenarios are simulated and peak loads are applied. After analysis, the design might be reviewed couple of time to find out the most optimal shape and lowest stress in material. For wear parts, a Finite Element Analysis is run for worn out parts as well allowing our engineers to design the dredging components for the longest life time by adding material where necessary.’’

In summary, FEA’s benefits include enlarged accuracy, intensified design and enhanced perception into critical design parameters, virtual prototyping, amplified productivity and increased revenue.


Quality control of dredging equipment

At Dredge Yard we see quality control as one of our top priorities. We specialize in ECO Dredgers: economically designed and highly efficient auger or cutter suction dredgers. We have the reputation of providing high performing products. This reputation is earned due to controlling all phases of the development process like design, manufacturing and testing.

In-house quality control

Our engineer team designs all ECO Dredgers by using the latest CAD technologies. We produce components in co-operation with partners with high quality control on manufacturing facilities. After that they are tested under strict ISO and ASTM standards and double tested at third-party for verification.

During and after production, Dredge Yard tests all individual components rigorously:

  • The chemical composition and mechanical properties test.
  • Measurement test of all dimensions after casting.
  • Ultra sonic testing, magnetic particle.
  • Surface roughness test and dye penetrant inspection for critical parts.
  • Measurement test of all dimensions after machining, hardness test.
  • Assembly and interchangeability test.
  • Visual inspection for all parts during and after assembly.

We record all measurements and tests in our own database.

Dredge Yard management explains:

“We want to involve our customers and suppliers in all our activities in a very early stage of the projects. To ensure on time delivery, cost-effective production, low maintenance, low operation cost and high-grade of reliability of the products, we implement customer’s experiences in the design. Our customers are encouraged to witness any test in our production facilities.”

This is why Dredge Yard grabbed the attention of many dredging companies from all over the world.

Dredge Yard launched its new website

New website

We recently announced the launch of our official Dredge Yard new website, dredgeyard.com. The website offers easiest experience to our visitors who wish to find more information on dredging equipment and technology.

Dredge Yard

We are the provider of latest dredging equipment. These dredgers are designed and produced with high quality manufacturing facilities provided by our engineering team and partners. Visitors of our website can find more information about the engineering of dredge related equipment and steel structures for the bidding, tendering and manufacturing of new dredge parts or for modification of existing dredging equipment. Dredge knowledge can be found by accessing our components which are links associated with the basic descriptions about all the dredge equipment.

Web design

The modern but simple web design, readable images and a meaningful content, made our website one of the most ease of navigation websites, with a lot of other features.

We are determined to deliver highly reliable dredgers with value for money by involving customers and suppliers in all of its activities in early stage of the projects and implement their experiences in the design to ensure on time delivery, cost effective production, low maintenance cost and low operation cost of the dredge equipment.

Internship opportunities launched by Dredge Yard

Dredge Yard

Dredge Yard, a company based in the Netherlands, is the provider of latest dredging technology and equipment, has now launched its branch in the United Arab Emirates to support its customers and increase the companies adding value to its delivery program.

Dredge Yard has grabbed the attention of many dredging companies from Middle East not only because of its wide range of dredging technology and equipment produced and tested under strict ISO and ASTM standards but also by its social involvements such as launching an internship program for the students.


Dredge Yard aims to encourage young students to specialize in the engineering field essentially to the marine and mechanical industry. It’s an opportunity for university students to put in practice the things they learned in the school, to make research study or even have the possibility to be involved in one of our projects. The internship is designed for university students who are in their last year of study or recently graduated from Engineering Universities, who have at least 80% GPA and have knowledge of applying and using CAD, FEM or EFD Programs.

Dredge Yard is currently working on launching the same internship programs in its branch in the Arab Republic of Egypt, supporting the graduates of the engineering sector to prove their capability of leading a new era of change.