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    Dredge Yard CSD in Dubai

The Company


Dredge Yard is dedicated to the market of dredging and mining equipment and technology. We supply a full range of multi-purpose cutter suction dredgers and auger head dredgers. If needed, we deliver spare parts, other dredging and mining equipment and dredge pipe lines.

From our offices in The Netherlands and The United Arab Emirates we design, engineer, manufacture, inspect and test all the dredging equipment in our own facilities.

Our Vision

We strive to achieve the lowest environmental impact per m3 while still striving to maintain the lowest costs possible for our customers.

Our Mission

We aim to deliver reliable, high quality and cost effective dredging and mining solutions by using the latest technologies in design, simulation, testing and manufacturing.

Reliable Partner

Over the years we have proven ourselves as a reliable supplier of many dredge and mining components to many dredging contractors and mining operators worldwide.

What we do

Our expertise

The Dredge Yard team of engineers and experts have a continuous focus on research and development of the dredge and mining components. Our team can offer support in finding the most suitable option for engineering of dredge and mining components, cutter suction dredgers, trailing suction hopper dredgers and for conversion and upgrade of existing installations.

Upgrading & Modification

For upgrading of dredge and mining equipment or modification of dredging systems and conversion of existing dredgers, we have our own in-house expertise. Companies who cannot invest in a new dredger, due to multiple reasons, can convert their existing dredgers, barges and other equipment to a more functional and efficient dredger.

Analyzing & Consulting

We can study the installation and give our recommendations for modifications and upgrades. These recommendations can increase the performance and functionality of the installation. Before making any physical change in the installation, a complete simulation of the system is run through CFD and FEA programs. Analysis give an accurate estimation of the performance after modification. This process can be repeated several times to obtain the best result against the lowest costs of modification.

High-level Technical Support

At Dredge Yard we can assist dredging and mining companies and contractors with the implementation, use, purchase, bidding and tendering of dredge and mining equipment. Whether there is a minor or major technical issue, we have our own experienced team of specialists that can identify the problems as quickly as possible. We provide high-level technical support for the modification, conversion or upgrade of dredge and mining installations to achieve higher production rates.

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