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Dredge Yard offers a large selection of dredging and mining equipment, which is adaptable to your specific project needs. Our selection includes heavy-duty cutter suction dredgers, auger head dredgers, wheel dredgers and plain suction dredgers. All equipment is designed to excavate and transport soil materials of different densities from fine sand and clay to gravel. Furthermore, due to adaptable, multipurpose design, our equipment is ideal for many dredging and mining applications. Whether your project is centred around maintenance of harbours or waterways, expansion of cities and ports, or environmental cleaning – our dredgers can do the job.

Besides durable, multipurpose design, Dredge Yard aims for the lowest product cost and environmental impact, without compromising efficiency. In this way, our equipment saves you money and cares for the environment. For more information about the variety of applications and the ideal dredger for each project read below.

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channel dredging landscape

River, canal & channel dredging

River, canal & channel dredging is important to keep the waterways open for inland transport & navigation and is vital for flood prevention projects.

Settling pond cleaning & dredging landscape

Settling pond cleaning & dredging

Our dredging equipment is especially designed to clean, to desilt and desludge a wide range of industrial settling ponds, holding ponds and lagoons.

Reservoir, lake & dam dredging landscape

Reservoir, lake & dam dredging

Reservoirs, lakes and dam dredging should be done regularly, to restore them to their full capacities. Our dredgers are perfect for these kind of jobs.

water intake cleaning & dredging landscape

Water intake cleaning & dredging

Proper and regular maintenance is needed to keep basins clean and the capacity at it’s maximum. Therefore we offer water intake cleaning & dredging.

Dredge Yard mine tailing removal dredging landscape

Mine tailing removal & dredging

Our dredgers are very suitable for mine tailing removal to clean up ponds or dredge ponds to subsequently further process the tailings for leftover valuables.

Dredge Yard environmental dredging landscape

Environmental dredging

Environmental dredging means dredging with minimum impact on the environment. The dredgers with auger excavating tools avoids dispersion of pollutants.

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