Canal & channel dredging

Canal dredging and channel dredging are important to maintain efficient navigation, irrigation, power sources, commerce and businesses running smoothly around the world. Similarly to rivers, sediment and debris can gather in the bottom of these water sources. As a result, waterways become shallow, which can disturb traffic and other vital activities, if not maintained through dredging.

Canal and channel Dredging equipment

Both cutter suction dredgers and auger dredgers can be used for canal dredging and channel dredging, depending on the conditions on site. For example, Auger dredger ECO 200 is an effective tool, when precise dredging is required. It can remove sediment layers in a controlled manner to restore an even water bed. On the other hand, cutter suction dredgers can be used for canal dredging with compact and hard materials.

Our dredgers are compact – one truck and one container transportable. The compact design allows for efficient operation on remote project sites, as well as narrow canals and channels. Additionally, we offer to customize dredging equipment according to the specific canal and channel dredging project requirements. As an example, customization can include extension of dredging depth or increase in cutting power.

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Our dredgers

for canal & channel dredging

Auger Dredger 250 assembly

Auger ECO 200

Length over pontoons: 9 m
Design draft:0.60 m
Auger head power:15 kW
Dredging depth (45°):8 m
Cutter Suction Dredger 250 cutter head

Cutter ECO 250

Length over pontoons:11.5 m
Design draft:0.75 m
Cutter head power:30 kW
Dredging depth (45°):6 – 8 m

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