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River dredging

River restoration and maintenance is usually achieved by maintenance dredging. Over time, sand, silt and debris (branches, logs, waste) flow downstream. This happens due to natural weathering, erosion and rivers carrying silt. If not maintained, the materials accumulate and create a blockage, which restricts natural river flow and makes the waters very shallow. Consequently, during heavy rain season, the restricted river flow results in flooding of the local area. This can result in major property damage, negative impact on tourism and local businesses, and even be life-threatening.

River dredging describes blockage removal with a dredge to maintain natural waterflow. Regular river maintenance is necessary to avoid potential problems and disasters.

Dredging equipment

Dredge Yard offers equipment for a variety of river dredging, restoration and maintenance duties. We manufacture durable dredgers to ensure effective performance in all conditions, including strong river currents and a variety of materials. Additionally, all dredger types can be specifically customized (e.g. increasing swing length, including booster stations) depending on the project.

We offer Cutter, Auger and Plain suction dredgers, all of which are compact and easily transportable. This allows for fast delivery to project site, either in an assembled state by a truck, or disassembled in containers. Furthermore, after use, the dredger can also be easily removed and stored until it is needed for maintenance again.

Below you can review our suggestions for suitable dredging equipment for this application. If you would like some expert advice regarding your project and our equipment, call +31 85 3035 866 or fill in the contact form.

Our dredgers

Most suitable for river, canal & channel dredging

Auger Dredger 250 assembly

Auger ECO 200

Length over pontoons:11.5 m
Design draft:0.76 m
Auger head power:25 kW
Dredging depth (45°):9 m
Cutter Suction Dredger 300 cutter head

Cutter ECO 300

Length over pontoons:11.5 m
Design draft:0.78 m
Cutter head power:35 kW
Dredging depth (45°):6 – 8 m
Plain Suction Dredger 200 design

Plain Suction ECO 150

Length over pontoons:9 m
Design draft:0.60 m
Dredging depth (45°):8 m

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