• Remove blockage

    With water intake cleaning and dredging, you remove or prevent blockage and make sure enough cooling water enters the reservoir of the plant.

    Water intake cleaning & dredging

Water intake cleaning & dredging

Large industrial plants such as petrochemical plants, power plants and desalination plants use water intake channels for cooling purposes. These water intakes are commonly connected to lakes, rivers, canals or the open sea. Due to factors such as natural weathering and erosion, sediments are carried and deposited in the mentioned water bodies. In order to avoid their entering the industrial plant, water intakes are equipped with sand traps or screens.

However, over time, sediments can accumulate at the trap. As a consequence, less water can enter the industrial plant, which limits its cooling capacity and results in reduced overall efficiency. Therefore, regular maintenance dredging in the form of water intake cleaning is needed to keep the water basins clean and the capacity of the industrial plant at its maximum.

Dredging equipment

We offer compact and easily transportable dredging equipment. This allows for fast delivery to project site (assembled by a truck or in containers). After usage, the compact dredger can be easily removed and stored until it is needed for maintenance again. In addition to reliable and compact equipment, we offer crew training, maintenance training and spare parts. Therefore, this allows you to perform maintenance dredging whenever needed and ensures a reliable water intake and maximum cooling capacity at all times.

Below you can review our suggestions for suitable dredging equipment for water intake cleaning and dredging. If you would like some expert advice regarding your project and our equipment, call +31 85 3035 866 or fill in the contact us form.

Our dredgers

Most suitable for water intake cleaning & dredging

Cutter Suction Dredger 250 cutter head

Cutter ECO 250

Length over pontoons:11.5 m
Design draft:0.85 m
Cutter head power:30 kW
Dredging depth (45°):6 – 8 m
Auger Dredger 200 auger head

Auger ECO 200

Length over pontoons:11.5 m
Design draft:0.76 m
Auger head power:25 kW
Dredging depth (45°):9 m
Plain Suction Dredger 200 design

Plain Suction ECO 150

Length over pontoons:9 m
Design draft:0.60 m
Dredging depth (45°):8 m

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