Water intake dredging and cleaning

Water intake dredging is used to retain cooling capacity and overall efficiency of industrial plants. Large industrial plants such as petrochemical plants, power plants and desalination plants use water intake channels for cooling purposes. These water intakes are commonly connected to lakes, rivers, canals or the open sea. Due to factors such as weathering and erosion, sediments are carried and deposited in the mentioned water bodies. Therefore, in order to avoid their entering the industrial plant, water intakes are equipped with sand traps or screens.

However, over time, sediments can accumulate at the trap. As a consequence, less water can enter the industrial plant, which limits its cooling capacity and results in reduced overall efficiency. Therefore, regular maintenance dredging is needed to keep the water basins clean and the capacity of the industrial plant at its maximum.

water intake Dredging equipment

Water intakes can often be difficult to access and may require precise dredging. Auger dredger ECO 200 is a small dredger, ideal for cleaning freshly accumulated sediments in a precise manner. On the other hand, a cutter suction dredger is more suitable in the cases when sediments have accumulated over a longer period of time and have become compact. Both types of dredgers feature a compact design, making them easy to transport, launch and store for later use.

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Dredge Yard Auger and Cutter Dredgers

Auger Dredger ECO 200 / 8 inch

ECO 200 Dredger

Depth 8 m

Power 168kW – 225hp

Production 110 cub/hr

Suction pipe 200mm / 8inch

Discharge pipe 200mm / 8inch

Auger Dredger ECO 250 / 10 inch

Depth 8 m

Power: 224kW – 300hp

Production 250 cub/hr

Suction pipe 300mm / 12inch

Discharge pipe 250mm / 10inch

Auger ECO 200 dredger inspection with client

Cutter Dredger ECO 250 / 10 inch

Cutter Dredger ECO 300 ISO View

Depth 8 m

Power 261kW – 350hp

Production 260 cub/hr

Suction pipe 250mm / 10 inch

Discharge pipe 250mm / 10 inch

Cutter suction dredger at construction site

Cutter Dredger ECO 300 / 12 inch

Cutter Dredger ECO 300 ISO View

Depth 8 m

Power 310kW – 415hp

Production 415 cub/hr

Suction pipe 300mm / 12inch

Discharge pipe 300mm / 12inch

ECO300 Cutter Suction Dredger

Cutter Suction Dredger CSD 400 / 16 inch

CSD 400 dredge

Depth 10 m

Power 483 kW – 648 hp

Production 500 cub/hr

Suction pipe 400 mm / 16 inch

Discharge pipe 400 mm / 16 inch

Cutter Suction Dredger CSD 450 / 18 inch

Cutter Suction Dredge 450 dismountable

Depth 10 m (ext. 12)

Power 895kW – 1200hp

Production 900 cub/hr

Suction pipe 450mm / 18inch

Discharge pipe 450mm / 18inch

Dredger 450 testing

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