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Dredge Yard offers dredge pumps, dredge ball joints, dredge valvesdredge pipes, auger heads and cutter heads for sale with worldwide delivery.

We design, engineer and supply dredger parts and components from stock for the dredging and mining industry. Dredge components and parts can be used for maintenance or construction of new dredgers. Additionally, you can use our components to modify and upgrade your dredgers to serve different applications.

For example, all of our dredgers can be easily transformed between Auger, Cutter Suction and Plain Suction dredgers by replacing a few components, such as the auger and cutter heads. Interested in the price or more information? Request a quotation or get further advice free of charge.

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Dredge ball joint

Dredge ball joint
dredging ball joint

Dredge ball joints are designed to provide flexibility to the pipeline in all round direction up to a limited angle. To provide customer with the best suitable solution and lowest cost, Dredge Yard ball joints are designed in several types. That gives them variations in tilting angle from 15 to 18 degrees and duties from 10 bar to 30 bar.

All dredge ball joints are designed, produced, assembled, tested, painted, packed and transported under close supervision of Dredge Yard’s team of engineers and quality control. Dredge Yard uses strict ISO and ASTM standards for the design, production and testing of their dredge ball joints. The ball joints and material can be double tested at a third party for verification to ensure total customer satisfaction.


  • Easy assembly and dis-assembly
  • Low maintenance required
  • Low friction between ball and gland due to grease grooves and polished ball and gland face
  • Replaceable liners made from wear resistant materials
  • Quick fix and release of locking


  • Grease grooves provided in the gland
  • Stiffened dredge ball joint case lugs
  • Quick fix and release locking due to a pin and chain connection
  • Pipe welded through ball
  • Maximum thickness provided at the neck of the ball joint


  • Ball joints can be provided with welded pipe and flange execution
  • Gland liner
  • Extra or special lifting lugs
  • Different types of locking

Dredge valve

Dredge Valves

The dredge valves are designed in three different working duties, varying between 10, 20 and 30 bar. Our dredge valve designs are entirely scrutinized due to using Finite Element Analysis. The dredge valve has an option of real time feedback for the position of the dredge valve gate.

Dredge Yard valves are designed, produced under strict ISO and ASTM standards and are double tested at a third party for verification. All dredge valves are designed, produced, assembled, tested, painted, greased, packed and transported under close super vision of the quality control team of Dredge Yard.

Dredge Yard emphasizes on after sales and ensures total customer satisfaction.


  • Designed in a way that there are no fasteners inside the body
  • Made of corrosion resistant and hard steel
  • The dredge valve body is stiffened with T-bars
  • Steel reinforced rubber seals are used to seal the pipe when the gate is down
  • Seals can be used on both sides and turned in opposite direction when worn out
  • All connections outside the body are bolts and nuts
  • Two flushing pipes are provided in the lower body
  • Made of fabricated high tensile steel and cast steel
  • Operated by hydraulic cylinder, located on the top of the dredge valve
  • The body is provided with inspection holes on both sides
  • The rubber seals are hardened where necessary to increase the life time of the seals
  • Fabricated body made from high tensile steel
  • Hoisting lugs provided on top of the body


  • Additional mechanical position indicator on the top of the dredge valve
  • Proximity sensors attached to the hydraulic cylinder

Dredge pump

Dredge Pumps

Dredge Yard pumps are designed to be able to work in the harshest environments. The dredge pump and mining pumps are suitable for pumping and handling all slurry, mud, sand, gravel, rocks and debris.

Dredge Yard is continuously working on optimizing the hydraulic design giving the dredge and mining pumps the highest efficiency, best wear performances, highest reliability and long duty life cycle.

Dredge Yard delivers bearing blocks designed to withstand all the forces acting from the dredge pump and impeller. The bearing block is designed and manufactured to resist the vibrations, thermal vibration and shocks resulting from sudden impeller impacts and loads. The shaft, pedestal, bearings and bearing houses are made from first class material and suppliers to ensure the highest reliability and efficiency.


  • The impeller has a double curved design
  • The pump impeller hub is machined to be fitted on the shaft, using a trapezoid thread
  • The impeller has double shrouds on both sides
  • Depending on the operation area, the pump impeller can be delivered with three, four or five vanes
  • The pump casting is type volute and single stage
  • Pump casing is provided with inserted thread to be bolt to pump plates
  • To allow a longer wear life, the pump casing is made from thick material
  • The discharge of the pump casting is provided with a discharge flange


  • The dredge and mining pump wear parts are delivered in different materials according to the project requirements and customers’ demands
  • Double walled execution to increase the wear time of the wear parts, as pressure on the pump casing is lower than single walled dredge pumps
  • High speed impellers for applications that run with direct drive
  • Gearbox mounted
  • The pump casing can be supplied with ribs to allow higher pressure ratings
  • Ladder or structure mounted for achieving the highest net positive suction head which makes dredging and mining for deep sea operations possible

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