Our Dredgers

We specialize in one truck transportable cutter suction dredgers, and one container transportable auger dredgers. Our equipment is designed for many applications such as cleaning, environmental dredging and sand removal. When designing equipment, we focus on efficient dredging, safe operation and innovative solutions. This is how we achieve competitive dredger prices, low operational costs and minimal dredging impact on the environment.

Dredger types

Auger Dredger ECO200

ECO 200 Dredger

Depth: 8m

Power: 168 KW (225 HP)

Production Insitu: 110 cub/hr

Suction pipe: 200mm / 8inch

Discharge pipe: 200mm / 8inch

General Arrangement of ECO200

ECO200 general arrangement

Cutter Dredger ECO250

Cutter Dredger ECO 250 ISO view

Depth: 6m

Power:  261 KW ( 350 HP)

Production Insitu:  260 cub/hr

Suction pipe: 250mm / 10 inch

Discharge pipe: 250mm / 10 inch

ECO300 Cutter Suction Dredger

General Arrangement of ECO250

ECO250 dredger general arrangement

Cutter Dredger ECO300

Cutter Dredger ECO 300 ISO View

Depth: 8 m

Power:  310 KW (415 HP)

Production Insitu: 415 cub/hr

Suction pipe: 300mm / 12inch

Discharge pipe: 300mm / 12inch

Cutter Suction Dredger ECO 300

General Arrangement of ECO300

ECO300 cutter suction dredger general arrangement

Cutter Dredger CSD450

cutter suction dredger CSD450 ISO VIEW

Depth: 12 m (extension 14)

Power:  895 KW ( 1200 HP)

Production Insitu:  900 cub/hr

Suction pipe: 450mm / 18inch

Discharge pipe: 450mm / 18inch

General Arrangement of CSD450

CSD450 Suction Dredger

Main features

  • Easy to use dredger controls
  • Powerful Caterpillar engine
  • Efficient underwater pump
  • Fully equipped control cabin
  • Removable cutter teeth/knives
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Various customization options

Our Services

Spare part supply

Dredge Yard keeps spare parts in stock. In this way, we can guarantee fast delivery and service whenever you need it, and avoid delays in your project. A spare parts package & maintenance guide can also be supplied at initial purchase of our dredgers.

Technical support

Our service team is available to identify minor or major technical issues over the phone, by e-mail, or come directly to your project site if needed. We also offer technical support regarding modification of your dredgers for optimal performance.

Crew training

We provide crew training on how to operate and maintain an ECO dredger. Training includes overseeing launch of the dredger; dredge operation and performance optimization training; dredger check-up & maintenance training.

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