• Dredging Series

    Our auger dredgers and cutter suction dredgers
    are engineered for multi-purpose duties
    to meet the requirements of our customers
    in different dredging and mining environments.

    Auger Dredger, Cutter Suction Dredger, Plain Suction Dredger



Dredge Yard offers various dredging and mining equipment such as cutter, auger and plain suction dredgers. All equipment is designed to excavate and transport a wide variety of soil materials. Accordingly, our dredgers can handle materials of both- very soft and hard rocky nature, as well as of different density such as fine, medium and coarse sand, clay or gravel.

Due to adaptable, multipurpose design, our equipment is ideal for many dredging and mining applications. For example, our dredgers are used to create, deepen and maintain harbours, canals, rivers and the like. Furthermore, they can be used for beach nourishment and a variety of mining operations. Finally, our dredgers not only collect, but efficiently pump the excavated materials (slurry field) to the discharge area. This is possible due to the submerged dredge pump design.


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Auger Dredger design

Auger Dredgers

We designed the auger dredgers with a cone-shaped auger head, which allows the mixture to be efficiently pushed to the center of the auger head. As a result, the auger dredger can collect more soil, silt, sediments and sand, which increases its overall efficiency.

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Cutter Suction Dredgers

Cutter Suction Dredgers

Since our cutter suction dredgers are multipurpose, they can collect many different materials such as soil, silt, sediments and sand. These dredgers can also efficiently operate in many different environments such as rivers, harbours, settling ponds, water intakes, hydro dams and more.

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Plain Suction Dredger

Plain Suction Dredgers

The Plain Suction Dredger design includes an underwater dredge pump, which is located on the ladder. Due to this, the dredger is ideal for deep-dredging projects and can dredge up to 20 metres of depth. In addition to this, it is highly effective in dredging non-cohesive materials.

Find out more about Plain Suction Dredgers. Below you can go directly to an individual plain suction dredger:

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