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Dredge Yard offers dredging and mining equipment for a variety of applications including maintenance, environmental & capital dredging. All equipment is designed to excavate, collect and pump a wide range of materials. Accordingly, our dredgers can handle materials of both- very soft and hard rocky nature, as well as of different density such as fine, medium and coarse sand, clay or gravel. Additionally, we put special focus on high efficiency, safety and innovative solutions. We do this to achieve lowest equipment prices, operational costs and impact on the environment.


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Main features

Of all our dredgers

High efficiency pump

Cutter Suction Dredger 300 submersible pump

High production rates save time, costs & CO2 emissions.

Caterpillar Engines

Compact, light & low emission engines for efficient performance.

Equipped control cabin

Auger Dredger 250 control cabin

Includes all necessities for operator’s comfort and safety.

Optional automation

Cutter Suction Dredger 200 controls

Dredgers can be automated and remote-controlled.

Customization options

CSD 400 & 450 customization options

Dredgers can be customized for specific applications.


Dredge Yard's plain suction eco 150

Plain Suction ECO Dredgers

Plain suction 150 is one-container-transportable & features a max. dredging depth of 8m – 20m. It is ideal for sand extraction projects and non-cohesive material dredging.

Dredge Yard's water injection ECO 150

Water Injection ECO Dredgers

Water Injection 150 is a compact, low-cost dredger. ECO-friendly due to low CO2 emissions, it is ideal for small, reoccurring maintenance projects. Its compact size makes it easy to transport & store.

Dredge Yard's Auger ECO 200

Auger ECO Dredgers

Auger design includes a cone-shaped auger head for high efficiency. It has low turbidity & high precision, which makes augers ideal for cleaning, maintenance & environmental dredging projects.

Dredge Yard's CSD ECO 250

Cutter Suction ECO Dredgers

CSD ECO series are self propelled, can be automated and have easily exchangeable cutter teeth of three types. Therefore, they can efficiently dredge different materials & operate in a variety of conditions.

Dredge Yard Dredgers 400 & 450

Cutter Suction Dredgers

CSDs are dismountable dredgers with an integrated dredge pump & drive system for high efficiency. They feature exchangeable cutter teeth for different applications and durability.

Our Services

Spare part supply

Dredge Yard keeps spare parts in stock. In this way, we can guarantee fast delivery and service whenever you need it, and avoid delays in your project. A spare parts package & maintenance guide can also be supplied at initial purchase of our dredgers.

Technical support

Our service team is available to identify minor or major technical issues over the phone, by e-mail, or come directly to your project site if needed. We also offer technical support regarding modification of your dredgers for optimal performance.

Crew training

We provide crew training on how to operate and maintain an ECO dredger. Training includes overseeing launch of the dredger; dredge operation and performance optimization training; dredger check-up & maintenance training.

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