• Dredge Yard's CSD 450

Cutter Suction Dredger 450

Cutter suction dredger 450 (18 inch) is a dismountable dredger with an integrated dredge pump & drive system. This makes the dredger efficient and compact, allowing for easy transportation and high production rates. We offer a range of customization options to adapt CSD 450 for any project.



Length overall incl. ladder:26.2 m
Length over pontoons:18.1 m
Breadth:6.6 m
Depth side pontoons:1.8 m
Design draft:1.4 m

Dredging equipment

Cutter type:Dredge Yard multi-purpose
Cutter head power:112 kW
Speed:0-30 rpm
Dredge pump:Dredge Yard 450
Wear material:GS32 wear resistant


Side wire winches:2 units
Wire pull: 60 kN
Hauling speed:0 -15 m/min
Ladder winch:1 unit
Wire pull:60 kN

Dredging Parameters

Dredging depth (45°):12 m ext. 14 m
Suction pipe diameter:500 mm (20 in.)
Discharge pipe diameter:450 mm (18 in.)

Installed Power

Engine:Caterpillar C32
Total installed:895 kW

Spud system

Spud length:13.8 m
Spud diameter:457 mm
Spud leg lifting:2.4 m

Main features

Integrated system

Integrated dredge pump and drive system (CSD 400 & 450)

Cutter Suction Dredger 450 is designed with an integrated dredge pump & drive system. This means that the dredge pump is coupled with the gear box, which is coupled with the engine. As a result, the dredger is highly efficient & compact.

Shallow draft

CSD 450 Shallow Draught

CSD 450 has a shallow draft of 1.4m. This is due to its three pontoon design – one central and two on the sides. The pontoons provide this floating capacity, which allows the dredger to easily operate in shallow waters.


CSD 450 dismountable

This dredger can be taken apart into one central pontoon, two side pontoons, a control cabin, the spuds and the cutter ladder. Due to CSD 450 dismountable design, it is practical for transport and storage.

Exchangeable cutter teeth

CSD 450 includes cutter teeth that can be easily interchanged between three different types depending on the material to be dredged, or replaced when worn out. This process is easy due to bolt connection used to attach cutter teeth to the cutter head.

Extendable depth

Cutter suction dredger 450 features a maximum dredging depth of 10m. Upon request, this can be extended to 14m through an additional adapter placed in between the dredge pump and the cutter head system.

Many customization options

CSD 400 & 450 customization options

We offer many customization options for the CSD 450. Some of these include hydraulic propulsion, spud carrier, tiltable spuds, anchor booms, automated system & production meter. If you have other requirements, do not hesitate to ask.

Production curve

csd450 dredge production estimation

Cutter Suction 450 Applications

River, canal & channel dredging

channel dredging landscape

Cutter suction dredger 450 is an efficient dredger for bigger maintenance projects, such as deepening or removing accumulated sand, silt and debris in rivers or canals. Due to exchangeable cutter teeth and high power, it can operate in a variety of conditions.

Reservoir, lake & dam dredging

Reservoir, lake & dam dredging landscape

CSD 450 is a powerful dredger, which can be adapted to different materials by choosing the right cutter teeth. Therefore, it is ideal for larger reservoir, dam or lake maintenance & dredging. Additionally, it has a range of customization options depending on the dredging environment.

Mine tailing removal & dredging

Dredge Yard mine tailing removal dredging landscape

CSD 450 is an efficient tool to dredge mine talings ponds. It is especially applicable when mine tailings have accumulated and become increasingly compact over time. Furthermore, CSD 450 is applicable for both – disposal or further tailings processing in search of valuables.

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