• Maximum production

    Our Auger Dredgers have adjustable visors
    on both upper side and lower side of the auger head
    that maximize production of silt, sediments, sand and minerals.

    Auger Dredger

Auger Dredgers

Auger Dredger design

Auger dredger ECO series design includes a cone-shaped auger head. Due to this, the mixture is effectively pushed to the center of the auger head. As a result, the auger dredger can collect more soil, silt sediments and sand, which increases its overall efficiency.

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Why choose our Auger Dredgers?

Our main benefits


    The heavy-duty dredge pump is located on the auger ladder under water. Due to this, the pump has a higher pumping flow and can handle a mixture of higher density. Additionally, an underwater dredge pump will not reach the vacuum limit, especially when dredging at the depth of 6 metres or more. Therefore, this pump results in more production than a dredge pump mounted in the pontoons.

  • Optimized Production For Every Discharge Length

    The auger suction dredger can pump mixtures of silt, sand and sediments to different discharge pipe lengths. This is due to hydraulic drive of the dredge pump. Moreover, the pump speed can be adjusted to get the right flow and pressure.

  • Low Consumption

    The pump speed can be adjusted according to the discharge pipe length. Additionally, the underwater pump can handle a mixture of higher density. As a result of these qualities, the system becomes more efficient, because it consumes less fuel per cubic meter of production.

  • High Production

    Our auger dredger design includes a cone-shaped auger head. Due to this, the mixture is effectively pushed to the center of the auger head, where the suction mouth is placed. As a result, the auger dredger can collect more soil, silt sediments and sand, which increases its overall efficiency.

  • Easy Mobilization In The Water

    The auger dredger can be supplied with high-efficiency hydraulic thrusters. Dredge propulsion allows the dredger to move around the dredging area without any involvement of supporting boats.

  • Replaceable Auger Head Knives

    Sometimes dredging areas consist of compact material, which must be loosened before it can be sucked up by the dredge pump. For this purpose, the auger head can be supplied with cutting knives, which can loosen compact materials. Cutting knives are fixed to the auger head through a bolt connection. Due to this design, knives can be easily replaced when worn out.

  • Cabin With All Necessities For Safety and Comfort

    Auger dredge cabin is provided with all necessities for the operator’s comfort and safety. For example, the cabin is supplied with noise reduction, ventilation, windshield wipers, an adjustable chair and a lock door, to name a few. In addition to this, air conditioning or a heater is included depending on the geographical location of operation. Finally, the cabin is mounted on vibration isolation pads or a vibration reduction mount in order to minimize the vibration and increase comfort.

  • Reliable Brands

    All Dredge Yard equipment originates from reputable manufacturers with proven designs. Likewise, our auger dredgers are constructed of highest quality components from well known, first class brands. Furthermore, manufactured parts such as the hull and steel components of the auger dredger are designed and inspected by the Dredge Yard team of experts.

Types of Auger Dredgers

A suitable solution for each project


Auger Dredger 200 auger head

Auger Dredger ECO 200 is compact and designed to be used in small spaces. Due to its compact size, it is also easily transportable.

For more information, see specifications below:


Auger Dredger 250 assembly

Auger Dredger ECO 250 pump speed is adjustable. Due to this, it has low fuel consumption, resulting in low operating costs.

For more information, see specifications below:


Auger Dredger 300 testing

Auger Dredger ECO 300 is easily transportable. In assembled condition, the dredger can be transported on roads using a flatbed trailer.

For more information, see specifications below:

Main features

All Auger Dredgers come with

Auger head

The auger head drive is a high performance, low speed hydraulic motor. The motor is placed inside the auger head drum and supported by robust bearing assembly. Additionally, it includes cutting knives for projects that need to cut or loosen layers of sediments, sand or minerals.

Sediment Dredger auger head
Cutter Suction Dredger 300 oump

Dredge pump

The high-efficiency underwater dredge pump is mounted on a rigid ladder with bearing and a shaft.


Our auger dredgers are supplied with a reliable and efficient, diesel-driven, hydraulic power unit. In addition to this, an air radiator is installed to cool the diesel engine and the hydraulic system.

Dredger engine
Dredger 200 Front

Dredge system

The auger dredger is equipped with a stiffened ladder in order to adapt the dredger to operation at different depths. More specifically, the auger ladder is lifted by a hydraulic winch, which is mounted on the pontoon in front of the cabin. Finally, two hydraulic winches with a roller assembly are provided for the movement of the dredger.


The base of our auger dredgers consists of 3 pontoons – one in the center and one on each side. In order to be durable, the pontoons are reinforced with longitudinal and cross bars. Furthermore, a gantry with a sheave assembly is placed in between the two pontoons to hoist the auger head, dredge pump and ladder.

Dredger 200 pontoon


Our Auger Dredgers are perfect for

Dredge Yard environmental dredging landscape


Environmental dredging constitutes cleaning of contaminated soils, which harm the environment. This must be done with minimum further impact on the environment. In order to do this, we offer dredgers with auger excavating tools, which avoids dispersion of pollutants.

water intake cleaning & dredging landscape


Large industrial plants use large water intake channels for various purposes. Our auger dredgers are an effective tool to keep these intake channels clean and open. As a result, there is a reliable water intake for your industrial process all year round.

channel dredging landscape


River, canal & channel dredging is important to keep the waterways open for inland transport, navigation and flood prevention projects. For this purpose, our dredgers can be customized for specific maintenance dredging duties.

Options for Auger Dredger customization

To fit your project needs

Hydraulic propulsion

Compact and efficient hydraulic thrusters can be mounted on the back of the side pontoons. This modification allows the dredger to move around the dredging area, by steering it with a joystick from the operating cabin. Additionally, this eliminates the need for any supporting boats.

Extension of dredging depth

An additional adapter placed in between the dredge pump and the auger head system can be added. This modification can extend the standard dredging depth to meet the specific requirements of your project.

Cutter Suction Dredger

Dredge Yard offers a possibility to modify the auger to a cutter suction dredger through a plug and play system. This modification is achieved by replacing the front piece of the ladder from an auger head to a cutter head. Additionally, it requires changing the orientation of the winches and placing spuds and spud hydraulic cylinders.

Plain Suction Dredger

Similarly to cutter suction dredger, the auger dredger can also be modified to a plain suction dredger. This is done by replacing the auger head and changing the orientation of the hydraulic winches. The plain suction head fits the existing foundation and flanges, and can be supplied by Dredge Yard.

Automation & control

Several types of dredging automation and controls can be provided depending on project requirements and the level of automation necessary. Automation control system can improve the overall performance of the dredger, make the dredging process more visible and practical.


to further expand your equipment

Spray Nozzle

A specially designed spray nozzle can be provided in order to achieve discharge spray on longer distances. Additionally, this nozzle can be made of wear-resistant material, depending on the dredging mixture and your project needs.

Spare parts

Dredge Yard keeps necessary spare parts in stock to serve customers when needed. A spare part package and maintenance guidance can be supplied at initial purchase of our auger dredger or after operation. Additionally, these services can be supplied for several years after your order.

Discharge pipe line

An HDPE discharge pipe line can be provided with several types of floaters and rubber hoses.


Dredge Yard team of experts can provide crew training at your project location or at Dredge Yard facilities. Furthermore, we can supervise both assembly, disassembly, commissioning and mobilization of the auger dredger.


Your Auger Dredger Anywhere

Dredger in container for transport


The auger head dredger can be easily and safely transported in 4 standard 40 ft containers to any location in the world.


Due to its compact size, an assembled auger dredger can be transported on a flatbed truck by road.

Dredger 200 transport by truck

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