• Replaceable cutter teeth

    The teeth of our ECO Cutter Suction Dredgers
    can be replaced for maintenance or to match soil type

ECO Cutter Suction Dredgers

Cutter Suction Dredgers - Dredge Yard

Our multipurpose ECO Cutter Suction Dredgers are especially designed to collect soil, silt, sediments and sand. These dredgers can operate in many different environments, such as rivers, harbours, settling ponds, water intakes, hydro dams and more.

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Why choose our ECO Cutter Suction Dredgers?

Our main benefits

  • High efficiency & production capacity

    The dredge pump is located under the water line to achieve a higher mixture density and higher flow capacity. By placing the dredge pump underwater, the pump vacuum limit will not be limiting to the production of the pump especially at depth more than 6m. The submersible pump is made possible since the dredge pump is mounted on heavy duty bearing assembly and is driven by a hydraulic motor.

  • Maximum production for each project

    The pump speed is variable, allowing it to have the right pressure according to suction depth and discharge pipe line. By varying the speed, the dredge total consumption will be less, and the dredge pump and dredge pipes will wear out less.

  • Self-propelled dredger

    The dredger can be supplied with hydraulic propulsion of an European brand. This will help moving the dredger around without any involvement of tug boat. Two hydraulic thrusters are mounted on the cutter suction dredger that can be controlled from the cabin. This propulsion system is an option system to the standard dredgers.

  • Easy storage & sailing under bridges

    For easy dredge mobilization, transport in the water, transport on the land by flat-bed truck, and for storage, the dredger has two tilting spud systems. Both spuds can be manually tilted and secured to the deck.

  • One-man operation of dredger

    Dredge Yard dredgers can be operated by one man only. The entire dredger and all its equipment can be controlled from the control cabin

  • Transport in containers

    The entire ECO dredger can be transported disassembled using standard containers. Upon arrival at site the ECO dredger can be assembled without the need of special tools. If required Dredge Yard can support with assembly and commissioning by sending service engineers to the site. The dredger can be transported by road on a truck trailer in assembled state. The ECO dredger can be launched into the water using one single crane.


    Dredge Yard high efficiency cutter has the possibility to replace the teeth to improve cutting performances. Teeth replacement of cutter head can be done when the original teeth are worn out or to match the teeth with the right type of soil, silt, sand and minerals. The teeth are fixed by means of a bolt and nut connection and can be replace easily and fast. The teeth are available in three different types being sharp point, medium edge and wide edge.


    Depending on the location, Dredge Yard cutter suction dredgers are provided with heater or air conditioning system. The cabin is also supplied with noise reduction all around, ventilation on the top, screen wipers, chair that can be adjusted, two mirrors to have a good overview on all operation, and all necessary lighting inside and outside the cabin. To reduce vibration the cabin is clamped on vibration damping system.


    The ECO Dredgers are provided with the highest quality components from well-known first-class brands. All manufactured parts like the hull and steel components of the cutter suction dredger are designed, manufactured, and inspected by Dredge Yard team.


    The ECO cutter suction dredger is designed with three main pontoons that together provide sufficient floating capacity achieving draft of less than 0.8m (2.65ft). This allows the ECO Dredger to operate in shallow waters.


    Dredge Yard ECO range of dredgers can be modified between cutter suction dredgers, auger suction dredger, plain suction dredger and swing suction dredger. Dredge Yard can provide the modification parts that can be installed at location during initial dredge purchase or later after the dredger have been used. This makes the ECO dredger a very versatile tool which can be used for dredging all types of soils like sand and gravel, silt, mud and clay. These dredgers can be used for dredge mining, lake dredging, river dredging, marina dredging, canal dredging, sand & gravel dredging, clean up and environmental dredging.

Types of ECO Cutter Suction Dredgers

A suitable solution for each project

ECO200 Cutter Suction Dredgers

Depending on the dredging job, the cutter head of the ECO 200 Cutter Suction Dredger can be supplied with several types of high quality dredge cutter teeth.

ECO250 Cutter Suction Dredgers

ECO250 Cutter Suction Dredger

The ECO 250 Cutter Suction Dredger’s pontoon shape and propulsion system provide added maneuverability, making it versatile and efficient.

ECO300 Cutter Suction Dredgers

ECO300 Cutter Suction Dredger

An ECO 300 Cutter Suction Dredger has a shallow draft, making it suitable to operate in shallow waters and high debris environments.

Main features

All ECO Cutter Suction dredgers come with

Cutter suction head

The cutter head has double curved blades to support the suction system. It is driven by a high torque hydraulic motor mounted on a long shaft that is supported by heavy duty roller bearing. Under that cutter head drive is the suction mouth, which is aligned with the cutter shape. The cutter teeth are interchangeable for easy maintenance and different conditions or performance. These teeth can be provided with sharp points, medium edge and wide edge.

ECO250 Cutter Suction Dredger

Dredge pump

The submersible dredge pump is driven by hydraulic motor and mounted on a heavy duty bearing block with 3 bearings.

Tiltable spuds

Two spuds are placed at the back of the cutter suction dredger for fixation of the dredger during operation. Both spuds can be hoisted by hydraulic cylinders. They are also tiltable for easy maneuvering under bridges and for sailing when using the propulsion.

ECO 250 Cutter Suction Dredger with tilted spuds - Dredge Yard
ECO200 front view

Dredge system

The stiffened cutter ladder is suitable for extending the cutter head dredger to a different depth. That ladder is hoisted by a hydraulic operated winch mounted on the pontoon in front of the cabin. A wear resistant, thick and reinforced rubber hose is assembled between the ladder and the pontoon. Two hydraulic operated winches are mounted on the center pontoon for the swing of the dredger. These hydraulic swing winches are connected to the anchors via a heavy-duty tumbler that is mounted on front of the cutter ladder.


Reliable and efficient diesel driven hydraulic power unit. The diesel engine and hydraulic system are both cooled by air radiator.

ECO Dredger engine - Dredge Yard
ECO200 pontoon


The base of our ECO Cutter Suction Dredgers consists of one center pontoon and two side pontoons. These pontoons are stiffened with longitudinal and cross bars. Between the two side pontoons is a stiffened gantry for hoisting the cutter ladder. The operating cabin has heating or air-conditioning and is mounted on the center pontoon.


Our ECO Cutter Suction dredgers are perfect for

Dredge Yard channel dredging


River, canal & channel dredging is important to keep the waterways open for inland transport & navigation and is vital for flood prevention projects.

Dredge Yard water intake cleaning & dredging


Proper and regular maintenance is needed to keep basins clean and the capacity at it’s maximum. We therefore offer water intake cleaning & dredging.

Dredge Yard environmental dredging


Environmental dredging is to dredge with minimum impact on the environment. The ECO Dredger with auger excavating tools therefore avoids dispersion of pollutants.

Options for the ECO Cutter Suction Dredgers

To further customize your Cutter Suction dredger


Self-propelling of the cutter suction dredgers can be provided by using two hydraulic high efficiency thrusters placed on the back of the dredger that can be operated from inside the operating cabin.

Dredging depth extension

The dredging depth of the cutter suction dredger can be extended by providing an extension piece for the ladder, new spuds, and pontoon extensions.

Auger Head Dredger

The dredger can be modified to Auger Head Dredger by replacing the ladder front piece and the orientation of the winches. The necessary modification parts can be provided by Dredge Yard for installation on the dredger at any time.

Plain Suction Dredger

The dredger can be modified to plain suction head by replacing the cutter head front part and the orientation of the winches. The modification that can be supplied by Dredger Yard can be installed on the dredger after completing of a project with the cutter suction dredger or vice versa.

Automation and control

For performance improvement and easy control Dredge Yard supplies automation control. Various types and levels of automation controls can be supplied according to the customer’s demand and project requirements.


to further expand your equipment

Discharge pipe line

A different type of HDPE discharge pipe with the suitable floaters can be supplied along with the ECO Cutter Suction Dredgers.

Spare parts

Spare part package and maintenance guidance can be supplied for several years. The spare parts can be supplied at initial purchase of the dredger or after operation. Because of that Dredge Yard will strive to keep necessary stock of spare part to serve customers when needed.


Crew training for the cutter suction dredger can be done at location or at Dredge Yards facilities to train or improve the dredging skills.


your eco Cutter Suction dredger anywhere

ECO Dredger in container


Our ECO Cutter Suction Dredgers are transportable in 4 standard 40 ft. containers and can be assembled at location without special tools.


The ECO Cutter Suction Dredgers can be transported by road, in assembled condition. A single mobile crane can hoist it on a flatbed truck for transport.

ECO200 dredger transportation

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