• Maximum production

    Plain Suction Dredgers are able to dredge up to 20m depth
    with its ladder mounted dredge pump and high flow jet water pump.

    Plain Suction Dredger 200

Plain Suction Dredgers

Plain Suction Dredger

Plain suction dredgers are designed to meet the need of deep dredging projects. And they are especially effective in dredging non-cohesive materials. With the help of its underwater dredge pump, that is located on the ladder, it can dredge up to 20m of depth.

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Why choose a Plain Suction Dredger?

Our main benefits

  • High production capacity at deep dredging depths

    The heavy-duty dredge pump is located on the suction ladder under water. This will allow the pump to have a higher pumping flow and a mixture of a higher density resulting in more production than a dredge pump mounted in the pontoons. The vacuum limit will not be reached with an underwater dredge pump especially when dredging at a depth of 15 meters or more.

  • Six winches operation

    While dredging, the dredger is slowly moved forward by a set of winches. The dredger consists of six winches, two forward side winches, two rear side winches, one ladder hoisting winch and one suction pipe hoisting winch.

  • Low Consumption

    Since the the dredge pump is located underwater and the pump speed is variable, the suction dredger system can be more efficient. The pump can be used at the right speed according to the discharge pipe length and because of the underwater pump, the mixture density is higher. This results in a low fuel consumption per cubic meter production.

  • Easy mobilization in the water

    The plain suction dredger is supplied with high efficiency hydraulic propulsion of European brand. This dredge propulsion will allow the dredger to moving around the dredging area.

  • Cabin with all necessities

    Dredge Yard plain suction dredge cabin is provided with Air conditioning or heater, depends on geographical location of operation. Also, the cabin is supplied with noise reduction, ventilation, rain/screen wiper, adjustable chair, mirrors, and lock door. To minimize the vibration the cabin is mounted on vibration isolation pads or a vibration reduction mount. The cabin is placed in the middle of the suction dredger and above the center pontoon to allow for a good overview of all operation.

  • High production

    The suction mouth is a balloon shaped screen at the end of the suction pipe. The screen is to avoid pump blockage by boulders and debris. Special care has been taken to decide the size of screen considering pump’s capacity. Jet nozzles are located around the screen to loosen the material and increase the material mixture flow to enhance production.

  • Reliable Brands

    Dredge Yard’s plain suction dredgers are only provided with first class brands. All brands are European, USA, or Japan made. All equipment is from reputable manufacturers with proven designs. The steel components are manufactured under the supervision of Dredge Yard and all dredge components have undergone a detailed inspection.

  • Optimized production on project basis

    Due to the hydraulic drive of the dredge pump, the plain suction dredger can pump mixture of silt, sand and sediments to different discharge pipe length. The speed of the pump can be adjusted to get the right flow and pressure.

Types of Plain Suction Dredgers

A suitable solution for each project

Plain Suction Dredger ECO 150

Plain Suction ECO150 in water 3D model

Plain Suction Dredger ECO 150 is especially compact and easily maneuverable.

Main features

All Plain Suction Dredgers come with

Suction head

The suction mouth is a balloon shaped screen at the end of the suction pipe. This screen avoids pump blockage by boulders and debris. Special care has been taken to decide the size of screen considering the pump’s capacity. Jet nozzles are also located around the screen to loosen the material and increase the material mixture flow to enhance production. A jet pump, located on the hull, supplies the jet water.

Plain Suction Dredger Suction head component
Cutter Suction Dredger 300 oump

Dredge pump

The high efficiency underwater dredge pump is mounted on a rigid ladder with bearing and shaft. It is driven by a hydraulic motor.


Our Plain Suction Dredgers are supplied with a diesel driven hydraulic power unit that is reliable and efficient. An air cooled radiator is used for cooling the diesel engine and hydraulic system.

Dredger engine
Dredger 200 Front

Dredge system

The suction ladder is stiffened to make it suitable for extension of the plain suction dredger to a different depth. The ladder is hoisted by a hydraulic operated winch. That winch is mounted on the pontoon in front of the cabin. Further, the suction pipe ladder is also hoisted with a hydraulic winch. A wear resistant, thick and reinforced rubber hose is assembled between the ladder and the pontoon. Four hydraulic winches are provided for the back and forth movement of the dredger.


The base of our plain suction dredgers consists of one center pontoon and two side pontoons. These pontoons are stiffened with longitudinal and cross bars. For hoisting the suction head, dredge pump and ladder, a gantry with sheave assembly is placed between the two pontoons. The operating cabin is mounted on the center pontoon and supplied with air-conditioning or heater.

Dredger 200 pontoon


Our Plain Suction Dredgers are perfect for

Settling pond cleaning & dredging landscape

Settling pond cleaning & dredging

Our dredging equipment is especially designed to clean, to desilt and desludge a wide range of industrial settling ponds, holding ponds and lagoons.

Reservoir, lake & dam dredging landscape

Reservoir, lake & dam dredging

Reservoirs, lakes and dam dredging should be done regularly, to restore them to their full capacities. Our dredgers are perfect for these kind of jobs.

channel dredging landscape


River, canal & channel dredging is important to keep the waterways open for inland transport & navigation and is vital for flood prevention projects.

Options for Plain Suction Dredgers


Hydraulic propulsion

For the easy movement of the plain suction dredger a compact and efficient hydraulic thrusters can be mounted at the back of the side pontoons. Steering is done from the operating cabin by a joystick.

Extension of dredging depth

The standard dredging depth can be extended to meet the requirement of a certain project by adding an additional adapter between the dredge pump and the plain suction head system.

Cutter Suction Dredger

The dredger can be modified to cutter suction dredger by replacing the ladder front piece, changing the orientation of the winches, placing spuds and spud hydraulic cylinders. All those changes can be supplied by Dredger Yard and they are all plug and play system.

Auger head dredger

The dredger can be modified to auger head dredger by replacing the ladder front piece and changing the orientation of the winches. The necessary modification parts can be provided by Dredge Yard for installation on the dredger at any time.

Automation & control

Automation control system can improve the overall performance of the dredger and makes the dredging process more visible. Several types of dredging automation and controls can be provided depending on the level automation and project requirements.


to further expand your equipment

Spare parts

Spare part package and maintenance guidance can be supplied for several years. The spare parts can be supplier at initial purchase of the ECO Plain Suction Dredger or after operation. Dredge Yard will strive to keep necessary stock of spare part to serve customers when needed.


Dredge Yard’s team can provide crew training at location or at Dredge Yard’s facilities as well as supervise assembly, disassembly, commissioning and mobilization of the plain suction dredger.

Discharge pipe line

An HDPE discharge pipe line can be provided with several types of floaters and rubber hoses.


your Plain Suction Dredger anywhere

Dredger in container for transport


The plain suction dredger can be transported in 4 standard 40 ft containers to any location in the world. It can be assembled at location without special tools.


The plain suction dredger can be transported by road, in assembled condition. A single mobile crane can hoist it on a flatbed truck for transport.

Plain Suction Dredger 200 Transport

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