Auger Dredger ECO 200

Auger Dredger ECO 200 (8 inch) features an adaptive auger head, which ensures minimal to no turbidity, protection of marine life from entering the suction system & high production rates. It is ideal for maintenance projects & due to its compact size can be easily transported and stored for later use.



Length overall incl. ladder:14.8 m
Length over pontoons:11.5 m
Breadth:4 m
Height of pontoon:1.2 m
Design draft:0.76 m

Dredging Equipment

Auger head:Dredge Yard multi-purpose
Power:25 kW
Speed:0-60 rpm
Dredge pump:Dredge Yard 200
Wear material:GS32 wear resistant


Pull winches:2
Wire pull:30 kN
Hauling speed:0 -20 m/min
Ladder winch:1
Wire pull:30 kN

Dredging Parameters

Max. dredging depth (45°):9 m
Suction pipe diameter:200 mm (8 in.)
Discharge pipe diameter:200 mm (8 in.)

Installed Power

Engine:Caterpillar C9
Total installed:224 kW / 300 hp

Main Features

Adaptive auger head

Adaptive auger head - dredger component

Dredge Yard’s adaptive auger head technology causes minimal to no turbidity & protects marine life from entering the suction system, while achieving higher production rates.

Exchangeable knives

Sediment Dredger auger head - Dredge Yard

When needed, cutting knives are fixed to the auger head through a bolt connection. They can be easily interchanged between different types of knives or replaced when worn out.

Submersible dredge pump

Cutter Suction Dredger 300 submersible pump

Hydraulically driven submersible dredge pump achieves higher pumping flow of higher density mixture. Therefore, its overall production rates are higher than of a pump mounted in the pontoons.

Hydraulic Propulsion

Auger 200 Propellers

Hydraulic thrusters are mounted on the back of the pontoons. This allows for easy maneuverability around the dredging area with no supporting boats & additional costs.

Extendable Depth

Adaptive auger head dredger in operation

Maximum dredging depth of 9m can be extended to 16m through an additional adapter placed in between the dredge pump and the auger head system.

Transport by road

Auger 200 transport by truck

Auger ECO 200 is small and compact. It is easy to operate in smaller areas and can be easily transported by road on a flatbed truck in an assembled state.

Production curves

Auger ECO 200 production in water

Dredger ECO 200 production in water

Auger ECO 200 production insitu

Dredger ECO 200 production insitu

Auger ECO 200 Applications

Environmental dredging

Dredge Yard environmental dredging landscape

Adaptive auger head featured on Auger ECO 200 causes minimal to no turbidity, protects marine animals from entering the suction system & avoids dispersion of pollutants. Due to its environmentally friendly design and precision, it is especially suitable for cleaning contaminated soils.

Water intake cleaning & dredging

water intake cleaning & dredging landscape

Auger ECO 200 is a good tool for water intake cleaning at industrial plants. It causes minimal to no turbidity to maintain high quality of water entering the plant. Additionally, it removes loose sediments in a precise manner without damaging infrastructure of the water intake channel.

Canal & channel dredging

channel dredging landscape

Canals & channels require regular maintenance dredging to retain safe depths for navigation. Adaptive auger head ensures high production rates of fine, loose sediments & low turbidity to protect the environment. This dredger is compact & can be easily removed and stored for later use.

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Auger Dredger 200

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