Cutter Suction Dredger ECO 250

CSD ECO 250 (10 inch) is a reliable, one-truck-transportable and self-propelled dredger offering easy mobilization and operation. It features a pontoon shape for shallow draft and exchangeable cutter teeth to fit a variety of materials. Cutter ECO 250 is also easily customizable – with extended dredging depth, electric drive system or other requirements.


Dredger Main Particulars

Type of dredgerCutter Suction Dredger
Pontoons3 dismountable pontoons
TransportInside 4 containers
Suction pipe diameter250 mm10 inch
Discharge pipe diameter250 mm10 inch
Suitable for dredging materialclay, medium sand and coarse sand
Dredging depth at 45 degrees8 m26 ft

Power Unit

Diesel engineCaterpillar
Engine typeC11
Engine tierEPA tier 3 emissions(higher tiers are optional)
Engine power261 kW350 hp
CoolingRadiator cooling
Engine speed1800 – 2100 rpm

Dredger Main Dimensions

Length overall including ladder19.90 m65.3 ft
Number of pontoons3 dismountable
Length over pontoons11.50 m37.8 ft
Width overall during operation5.33 m17.5 ft
Width overall during transport5.33 m (assembled)17.5 ft
Height overall at operation3.95 m13.0 ft
Height of pontoon1.25 m4.1 ft
Design draught0.70 m2.3 ft

Dredge Pump

ConfigurationSingle stage centrifugal pump
PositionSubmerged mounted on the ladder
Suction diameter250 mm10 inch
Discharge diameter250 mm10 inch
Impeller number of vanes3
Drive Motor power192 kW257 hp
DriveDirect hydraulic motor
Pump speed 825 – 975 rpm
Wear materialGX260 White Iron – high wear resistant
Bearing blockTwo spherical roller bearings and one thrust bearing
Shaft sealMechanical shaft seal

Dredge Cutter Head

TypeDY740-C Multi-purposed
ConfigurationCrown type interchangeable teeth
Cutter Diameter0.74 m2.4 ft
Cutter motor power35 kW47 hp
Cutter motor speed0 – 40 rpm
Cutting system3 replaceable cutter teeth

Narrow teeth, pick points and chisel

Dredging Winch

Type of winchDrum winch
MovementSwing left and right 35 degrees
Number of winches2 unit
Wire pull40 kN8993 lbs
Hauling speed0 – 20 m/min0 – 65 ft/min
Drivehydraulic motor
Wire diameter13 mm0.5 inch

Ladder Hoisting Winch

Type of winchDrum winch
Number of Winches1 unit
Wire pull40 kN8993 lbs
Hauling speed0 – 20 m/min0 – 65 ft/min
DriveHydraulic motor
Wire diameter13 mm0.5 inch

Dredging swing width

Swinging range35 degrees to each side
At maximum dredging depth18.4 m60 ft
At minimum dredging depth22.1 m73 ft

Dredge Spuds

Total spud length10.2 m33.4 ft
Outer spud diameter324 mm12.7 inch
Total spud weight1170 kg2580 lbs
Cylinder lifting force50 kN11240 lbs
Cylinder stroke1.25 m4.1 ft
Spud stroke1.8 m5.9 ft


Fuel typeDiesel fuel
Tank capacity3500 liter925 gallon

Operating Cabin

Total area1.96 m221 sq-ft
CoolingVentilation fan (a/c optional)
Lights1x exterior light and 2x flood light
AdditionalScreen wipers
InstrumentationsDredging depth indicator

Propulsion (optional)

PurposeSimple manoeuvering in sheltered waters
TypeTwo fixed propellers
Total power44 kW59 hp
Trust force6.9 kN1552 lbs
Direction of vesselForward / reverse / left / right

Main Features

Exchangeable cutter teeth

cutter dredger with exchangeable teeth

Cutter teeth are fixed to the cutter head through a bolt connection. Therefore, they can be easily interchanged between three different types depending on the material to be dredged, or replaced when worn out.

Tiltable spuds

Cutter Suction Dredger 250 Tiltable Spuds

The dredger has spuds, which can be manually tilted and secured to the deck. This design ensures easy dredge storage & mobilisation, and is convenient for transport in water and by road on a flat-bed truck.

Submersible dredge pump

Cutter Suction Dredger 300 submersible pump

CSD 250 achieves high production rates due to its hydraulically driven submersible dredge pump, which has a higher pumping flow of higher density mixture compared to a pump mounted in the pontoons.

Hydraulic Propulsion

Auger 200 Propellers

Cutter Suction ECO 250 features hydraulic thrusters mounted on the back of the pontoons. This allows for easy maneuverability around the dredging area with no supporting boats & additional costs.

Extendable depth

Cutter Suction Dredger 250

Cutter suction dredger ECO 250 features a maximum dredging depth of 6m , which can be extended to 12m through an additional adapter placed in between the dredge pump and the cutter head system.

Shallow draft

Cutter Suction Dredger Shallow Draught

CSD 250 is designed with three pontoons- one in the center and one on each side. The pontoons provide a floating capacity, which achieves a draft of 0.75m. This allows the dredger to operate in shallow waters.

Production curves

Cutter Suction ECO 250 Production in water

Cutter Suction Dredger ECO 250 production (in water)

Cutter Suction ECO 250 Production insitu

Cutter Suction Dregder ECO 250 production in situ

General Arrangement

Cutter Suction Dredger 250 - General Arrangement

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CSD ECO 250 applications

Mine tailing removal & dredging

Dredge Yard mine tailing removal dredging landscape

Mine tailings are leftover products of raw material mining operations, which are often stored in tailings ponds. Tailings can contain chemicals or valuable materials. CSD ECO 250 is a compact & efficient tool to dredge & clean up mine tailings ponds, for both- further tailings processing or disposal.

River, canal and channel dredging

channel dredging landscape

Rivers accumulate sand, silt and debris, which must be removed to keep waterways open for navigation. CSD 250 is an efficient dredger in all conditions, including strong river currents. Additionally, it can be customized (e.g. increasing swing length, depth, booster stations) for your project.

Reservoir, lake and dam dredging

Reservoir, lake & dam dredging landscape

Accumulated silt & debris clog up reservoirs, which limits water resources. Cutter Suction ECO 250 is ideal for dam dredging, as it is one-truck transportable, easy to mobilize & launch on site. Additionally, it can reach max. depth of 6m (extendable to 12m) & is self-propelled, making it easy to operate.

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