• ECO 300 Cutter Dredger

    Shallow draft – One-man operation – Replaceable cutter teeth

ECO 300 Cutter Suction Dredger

An ECO 300 Cutter Suction Dredger has a shallow draft,
making it suitable to operate in shallow waters and high debris environments.



Length overall incl. ladder: 16.4 m
Length over pontoons: 11.5 m
Breadth: 4 m
Depth side pontoons: 1.25 m
Design draught: 0.78 m

Dredging Equipment

Cutter type: Dredge Yard multi-purpose
Cutter head power: 35 kW
Speed: 0-35 rpm
Dredge pump: Dredge Yard 300
Wear material: GS32 wear resistant

Dredging Parameters

Dredging depth (45°): 6 – 8 m
Suction pipe diameter: 300 mm
Discharge pipe diameter: 300 mm

Installed Power

Engine: Caterpillar C13
Total installed: 310 kW / 415 hp


Side wire winches: 2 units
Wire pull: 30 kN
Hauling speed: 0 -20 m/min
Ladder winch: 1 unit
Wire pull: 30 kN

Spud system

Spud length: 7.9 / 9.9 m
Spud diameter: 273 mm
Spud leg lifting: 1.9 m

Production Curves

Production in water

ECO 300 production in water - Dredge Yard

Production insitu

ECO 300 production insitu - Dredge Yard

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ECO 300 Cutter Suction Dredger - General Arrangement - Dredge Yard
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