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Man on board a vessel

Dredging Safety Checklist

Dredge Yard continuously investigates and develops dredging equipment that is reliable, durable and eco-friendly. We strive to reduce environmental footprint and increase efficiency to achieve high quality equipment at the lowest cost for the…
Dredge Valve by Dredge Yard

Dredge valves manufactured & delivered

Dredge Yard specializes not only in small to medium sized dredgers, but also dredging and mining components. Accordingly, one of our most recent projects involved manufacturing and delivery of dredge valves. More specifically, dredge valves…
Auger ECO 200 dredger inspection with client

Auger ECO 200 sold from stock: testing

Dredge Yard specializes in small to medium sized dredgers. Our standard equipment is available from stock and can be customized for special projects and applications. In March, our standard Auger dredger ECO 200 was purchased from stock.…
Dredge Yard CEO Basel Yousef

Inside Dredge Yard: history, ambition & innovation

Today Dredge Yard is among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of small to medium sized dredging equipment and components. But where and how did our journey begin and what does the future have in store? What are some of our biggest ambitions?…
dredge ball joint testing

Dredge Ball Joint Functional Test: video

Dredge Yard specializes in manufacturing and supplying of dredgers and dredging components. Dredge ball joint is one of the component types we specialize in. Our manufacturing process takes place in the Republic of Turkey. It includes casting…

All About Dredging & the Environment

Dredging: environmental impact Dredging is often associated with pollution, contaminated soils, CO2 emissions or other negative environmental impact. Yet, the positive perspective and nature improvements dredging can achieve are often overlooked.…
Adaptive auger head auger dredger

Environmentally Friendly solution: Adaptive Auger Head

At Dredge Yard, we pay special attention to high efficiency and innovative solutions. We do this, to achieve lowest equipment prices, operational costs and minimal impact on the environment. Sustainability and green dredging solutions become…
Dredge ball joint dynamic test

50 dredge ball joints: Manufactured, Tested, Delivered

As one of the first projects of 2019, Dredge Yard successfully delivered 50 heavy duty dredge ball joints to the Middle East for immediate use in the gulf region. These dredge ball joints are suitable for a thick pipe with internal diameter…
water injection dredger eco 150

All about Water Injection Dredging

Water Injection Dredging: what, when, how? Water bodies including harbours, ports, canals and rivers carry sediments, which eventually settle on the waterbed and in time, result in siltation. Siltation reduces waterway access for ships, and…
Auger dredger 150 convertible design

Introducing: Our new dredger series ECO 150

At Dredge Yard, we started the year 2019 with a new addition to our dredging equipment selection - dredger series ECO 150! ECO 150s are compact, budget dredgers. They feature a convertible design, which means that the two side pontoons can…
Auger Dredger 200 available in stock graphics

New & In Stock: Dredgers For Any Project.

Dredge Yard continues its mission in being the leading manufacturer of small to medium sized professional dredgers. The new Auger dredger 200 (8inch) and Cutter Suction Dredger 250 (10inch) ensure high efficiency and durability. Additionally,…
Dredge Yard delivers multipurpose cutter suction dredger

Dredge Yard delivers cutter suction dredger

Dredge Yard delivered a multipurpose cutter suction dredger ECO 200 to a real estate developer in the United Arab Emirates for the reshaping and maintenance of existing islands. The ECO 200 dredger will be used for connecting some of the…