Dredge Yard highlights of 2019

Auger Dredger ECO 200, Hungary 2019

As the year is coming to an end, we are looking over 2019 highlights at Dredge Yard. 2019 was a busy year – with new innovations taking shape, significant orders for dredging components and dredgers, as well as a big milestone – moving to new headquarters in Rotterdam with a whole new facility for building dredgers.

Dredger deliveries

Throughout 2019, we have been working on both – standard dredger deliveries, as well as highly customized, or completely newly designed dredgers for specific applications. Keep reading for a brief overview of our dredging equipment projects!

Auger Dredger ECO 200 to Hungary

In the first quarter of 2019, our Auger dredger ECO 200 from stock was ordered by a client in Hungary. We tested the dredger during multiple testing sessions, and organized an inspection with the Dutch company NBKB in order to receive a certificate of registration.

Auger Dredger ECO 200, Hungary 2019

Auger Dredger ECO 200, Hungary 2019

Since then, the dredger had already finished dredging a lake in Hungary and is going to be used on a new project within the country.

Electric driven cutter dredger for Canada

In the second quarter, Dredge Yard received an order for an electric driven cutter suction dredger for potash mining in Canada. This was a special project for Dredge Yard, as the CSD was completely newly designed and customized. The aim was to create an economically and environmentally responsible solution specifically tailored for this project.

Cutter suction dredger drawing - standard and customized

Cutter suction dredger drawing – standard and customized

The dredger will be delivered in the first quarter of 2020. Learn more about our CSD for Canada here.

Standard Cutter dredger for Sri Lanka

Our standard Cutter Suction dredger ECO 300 was ordered for a very special, governmental project in the Beira lake, Sri Lanka. The Beira lake has become the center of Colombo’s residential, industrial, commercial, tourism and religious activities. Therefore, it is a vital water body. We were very proud to design and build a dredger that will help to improve the water quality and the surrounding environment.

Find more details about the Cutter dredger ECO 300 for Sri Lanka here.

Newly designed cutter dredger for hard soil dredging

Another dredger was specifically designed for our client CDC Dredging in Dubai. The dredger was customized in order to achieve compact design that is capable of dredging even the hardest soil. This was a challenging project due to a completely new dredger design under strict deadline of 3 months from order date to delivery. Some of the dredger customization includes increased dredging power, depth and a special cutter head. Learn more about the customized cutter dredger for Dubai here.

Customized cutter suction dredger ECO 300

Customized cutter suction dredger ECO 300

Dredging components

Aside from customized and standard dredgers, we have also supplied a number of dredging components all around the world throughout 2019. Some of these include dredge valves for a capital dredging project, 50 dredge ball joints to the Middle East and dredge valves of 800mm internal diameter.

dredging components by dredge yard

dredging components by dredge yard


During 2019, our team had also focused on new innovations. These include further development of the eco-friendly, Adaptive Auger Head, as well as newly designed foldable pontoon design on our Auger ECO 200.

Easy Transport

In the first quarter of 2019, Dredge Yard had introduced its new Auger ECO 200 easy for transport and mobilisation by using standard container dimensions and by using propulsion system.

Auger Dredger 200 transport

Auger Dredger ECO 200 transport

Additionally, transporting a dredger completely assembled  eliminates the need of a larger, trained team for dredger assembly and launch.

New Dredge Yard headquarters and facility

One of the most significant highlights for our team this year was moving to new headquarters and opening our own facility in Rotterdam. We have also expanded our team and already built our first dredgers here in the new facility.

Dredge Yard headquarters Rotterdam

Dredge Yard headquarters Rotterdam

The new year 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade. Accordingly, we have big plans for 2020 including further expansion of our team, many new projects and innovations to reveal!

Are you looking for dredging equipment for an upcoming dredging project? Get in touch with our team, and receive the best offer for our standard or customized dredgers.

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