Assembly of Electric Hydraulic Cutter Suction Dredger

dredger at fabrication

Dredge Yard completed the assembly of ECO 200 electric hydraulic cutter suction dredger suction dredger for Canada.

The cutter dredger dredger is partly fabricated with Dredge Yard partners in Netherlands and the European Union.



ECO200 has a total installed power of 214 KW and is equipped with Dredge Yard heavy duty cutter head with replaceable cutter teeth, allowing the dredge cutter head to be efficient in all depths. The dredger has a discharge pipe of 200mm (8 inch) and two hydraulic driven Thrusters.

Dredge Yard is assembling, testing and commissioning its compact ECO dredgers from its facility in Rotterdam the Netherlands. in the near future several stock dredgers will be available for direct delivery.