Auger dredger ECO 200 to Hungary

Auger ECO 200 dredger inspection with client

Dredge Yard specializes in small to medium sized dredgers. Our standard equipment is available from stock and can be customized for special projects and applications.

In March, our standard Auger dredger ECO 200 was ordered from stock. Auger ECO 200 is a compact and economic sediment dredger. Due to its precision and low turbidity, it is especially suitable for environmental dredging applications, which involve contaminants. In addition to this, it can also efficiently remove accumulated sediments in water sources such as rivers, streams, harbours or lakes.

Auger ECO 200 client inspection

Auger ECO 200 client inspection

Auger ECO 200 testing

Recently, we welcomed our clients to inspect and test their new Auger ECO 200. Some of the functionalities that were inspected during testing are described below.

  • Dredge pump discharge
    The performance of submerged, hydraulically driven dredge pump is checked and the discharge pressure is measured
  • Auger screw rotation
    Auger screw rotation is inspected both – clock wise and counter clock wise at variable speed
  • Hydrostatic stability
    Free board measured at fore end, mid-section and aft end during operation and sailing position
  • Propulsion system
    Performance and testing of forward and backward movement, as well as left and right maneuvering
  • Cabin controls
    All dredging operation controls and cabin controls are checked. This includes flood lights, cabin lights, exhaust fan, wipers, air-condition, etc.

Following a successful inspection, dredger is soon on its way to the client and its final destination.

Take a look at our Auger dredger ECO 200 testing in the video below:

More details about the client & their dredging operation coming soon, directly from dredging site. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn to see our latest news and updates!

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