Dredge Ball Joint Functional Test: video

dredge ball joint testing

Dredge Yard specializes in manufacturing and supplying of dredgers and dredging components. Dredge ball joint is one of the component types we specialize in. Our manufacturing process takes place in the Republic of Turkey. It includes casting and heat treatment of all components, followed by machining to the finest tolerances.

We always conduct heavy duty functional tests, in order to ensure dredging equipment of the highest quality. One of such tests is called the dynamic dredge ball joint test. During the dynamic test, dredge ball joints are tested at a pressure, which is above the required design operating pressure. Additionally, while the ball joint is pressurized, a hydraulic cylinder applies a movement of the ball joint. This is done to simulate the working conditions in the dredge field at the most severe conditions. Severe conditions can include strong currents and waves, maximum dredge pipe length and highest pressure that the dredger can achieve. Therefore, the dynamic test is done to ensure component durability under all circumstances.

In February 2019, Dredge Yard delivered 50 dredge ball joints to the United Arab Emirates. These ball joints were suitable for a pipe with internal diameter of 750mm and discharge pressure of 30 bar. Therefore, during testing, we pressurized the ball joints to over 30 bar, in order to ensure that they can withstand maximum forces.

The video below provides an insight into our dredge ball joint dynamic test: