Dredge ball joints deliverd to Saudi Arabia

Dredge Yard delivers dredge ball joints to S.A.

Dredge Yard designed and manufactured the dredge ball joints delivered to Saudi Arabia.

The ball joints can handle a working pressure of 20 bar. They are also suitable for a discharge pipe diameter of 650mm. Wear resistant liner is assembled in the case to increase the life time of the ball joint. A rubber seal is provided in the case to make the ball joint water tight during pressure. Both of them, the case liner and the rubber seal, are considered wear parts and therefore can be easily renewed.

Range of Ball Joints

These types of ball joints that have been delivered to S.A. have a 15 degrees tilting angle to all directions. The grease grooves are provided in the stiffened gland to reduce corrosion and the friction between the gland and the ball. The ball joint is provided with one locking pin to prevent the gland from any sliding movement during operation.

The ball joint will be used for transport of sand, gravel and stones from the cutter suction dredger.