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Dredge Valve by Dredge Yard

Dredge Yard specializes not only in small to medium sized dredgers, but also dredging and mining components. Accordingly, one of our most recent projects involved manufacturing and delivery of dredge valves to a client in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). More specifically, dredge valves of 800 mm internal diameter. They will be used as a replacement of existing valves on board a trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD). These types of dredge valves can be produced for three different working duties varying between 10, 20 and 30 bar according to the client’s requirements and application.

Dredge valves are used to control the flow of water and sand in the suction and discharge pipes of cutter suction dredgers or TSHDs. Due to demanding work function and exposure to abrasive slurry materials, dredge gate valves are highly sophisticated components. Therefore,  it is important to select robust material and high pressure handling capability to ensure proper function and long component life.


All of our components, including dredge valves, are continuously developed and designed by our in-house team of engineers using the latest design software. In this way, we can guarantee high quality and durability of components.

Dredge Valve Manufacturing by Dredge Yard

Dredge Valve Manufacturing by Dredge Yard

We fabricate dredge valve body from high tensile steel, while the valve’s gate is made of corrosion resistant and hardened steel. These materials protect the valve against rust and wear. Additionally, high quality marine type paint is applied, for conservation of the outer surface, in order to protect the valve against corrosion.

Another special feature of our valves is the steel reinforced rubber seals. This makes the seal very durable, allowing it to handle large amounts of abrasive slurry, as well as to open and close smoothly, even in the toughest working conditions. Additionally, our dredge valves are designed in a way, where no fasteners inside the body can loosen and damage other parts during operation, even in tough conditions.

Dredge Valve by Dredge Yard before paint

Dredge Valve by Dredge Yard before paint

Aside from using robust materials, we always design easily maintained equipment for long-lasting life. For example, all connections outside the dredge valve body are bolts and nuts that can be easily replaced without damaging any part of the body. Furthermore, two inspection holes on both sides of the dredge valve allow for easy inspection inside the dredge valve body, without the need to dismantle it.

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