Dredge Yard launched its new website

Dredge Yard launched its new website

New website

We recently announced the launch of our official Dredge Yard new website, dredgeyard.com. The website offers easiest experience to our visitors who wish to find more information on dredging equipment and technology.

Dredge Yard

We are the provider of latest dredging equipment. These dredgers are designed and produced with high quality manufacturing facilities provided by our engineering team and partners. Visitors of our website can find more information about the engineering of dredge related equipment and steel structures for the bidding, tendering and manufacturing of new dredge parts or for modification of existing dredging equipment. Dredge knowledge can be found by accessing our components which are links associated with the basic descriptions about all the dredge equipment.

Web design

The modern but simple web design, readable images and a meaningful content, made our website one of the most ease of navigation websites, with a lot of other features.

We are determined to deliver highly reliable dredgers with value for money by involving customers and suppliers in all of its activities in early stage of the projects and implement their experiences in the design to ensure on time delivery, cost effective production, low maintenance cost and low operation cost of the dredge equipment.