Dredger ECO 200: feature overview

auger dredger foldable for transport

Auger dredger ECO 200 is the only dredger in the market to feature fold-able pontoon (convertible) design. As illustrated below, the side pontoons fold upwards. Therefore, the usual breadth of the dredger (3.2m) is reduced to under 2.4m width when folded. This makes the dredger easy to transport, launch and store.

Dredging equipment transport

One of the challenges that clients face, is transporting their dredging equipment to project site. Dredging projects often take place away from ports and in remote locations that are difficult to reach. This makes large dredging equipment transport difficult and expensive. Therefore, the most significant advantage of our compact dredger design is easy transport. Auger dredger ECO 200 has been designed to fit in a single, standard 40 foot container, completely assembled. A standard container measures just 2.44m in width, 12.9m in length and 2.59m in height.


auger dredge 250

Additionally, compact design ensures that the dredger is easy to launch, operate, remove from water & store for later use. Due to simplicity of design, the need for trained teams to assemble and commission the dredger on site is eliminated. As a result, the user saves money and valuable time for their project.

Auger dredger ECO 200 features

Auger dredger ECO 200 is also equipped with simple and intuitive dredging controls. This is done to ensure that no extensive training is required prior to using the dredging equipment. If the user has prior dredging experience, often the ECO 200 dredger does not require any training at all.

In addition to this, Auger ECO 200 features and underwater dredge pump, for higher efficiency dredging. The underwater dredge pump also allows for a standard dredging depth of 8m. This is the deepest dredging in the market for this dredger size.

Finally, Auger dredgers ECO 200 have low fuel consumption and low emissions. This results in low operating costs and environmentally sound dredging.


All of our dredgers can be customized for extraordinary applications. A common customization for the Auger dredger ECO 200 includes an Auger head with no cutting knives and wheels attached. This is commonly done in sensitive dredging applications, such as lined ponds. In this way, the lining is protected, when removing sediment.

Auger dredger with removable cutting knives

In addition to this, Auger dredgers are an ideal tool for contaminant dredging. However, in some cases, this dredging application can be dangerous for anyone on board. For such applications, we offer to customize the dredger with remote controls. The dredger can also include both – remote controls, as well as a control cabin, in order to be suitable for a variety of dredging projects.

When dangerous contaminants need to be dredged, we also offer an environmentally friendly dredging solution – the Adaptive Auger Head.  The Adaptive Auger Head protects the marine environment, causes minimal to no turbidity and is suitable for unmanned dredging.

Some of the other customization of Auger ECO 200 includes propulsion, increased dredging depth, additional power, and others.

Dredger applications

Due to compact dredger design, Auger ECO 200 is easy to transport, launch and store for later use. Therefore, it is ideal for small, reoccurring maintenance projects. It is also a low turbidity dredger, which is highly accurate.

As a result, this type of dredger is very efficient in environmental dredging. Furthermore, the Auger dredger is suitable for applications that require precise dredging. An example of this is water intake dredging, where lose sediments must be dredged in a precise manner. This is important to protect the infrastructure and the quality of water entering the plant.

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