Introducing: Our new dredger series ECO 150

Auger dredger 150 convertible design

At Dredge Yard, we started the year 2019 with a new addition to our dredging equipment selection – dredger series ECO 150!

ECO 150s are compact, budget dredgers. They feature a convertible design, which means that the two side pontoons can fold upwards. This makes the dredgers extremely compact and easily transportable in a standard, high cube (40 feet) container, completely assembled. Additionally, this design ensures that the dredger is easy to launch, operate, remove from water & store for later use. Therefore, ECO 150 dredgers are ideal for small, reoccurring maintenance projects. The three different types include Auger ECO 150, Plain Suction ECO 150 & Water Injection ECO 150.

dredger ECO 150 convertible design

dredger ECO 150 convertible design

Types of dredgers

All of the ECO 150 dredgers are of the same compact size and design, which can be easily transported to any location. Additionally, they are one-man operated and have low fuel-consumption, which results in lower CO2 emissions and lower overall operating costs. Yet, the ECO 150s series consists of three different types of dredgers with different dredging processes for a variety of applications.

Auger Dredger ECO 150

Auger Dredger ECO 150 3d Model

Auger dredger ECO 150, 3D model

Auger ECO 150 is a budget dredger, which causes minimal turbidity. Therefore, it is ideal for environmental, cleaning & maintenance dredging projects. For example, settling pond cleaning or water intake dredging and maintenance.

Plain Suction Dredger ECO 150

Plain Suction ECO150 in water 3D model

Plain Suction ECO 150 in water, 3D model

Plain Suction ECO 150 features a maximum dredging depth of 8 metres, which can be easily extended up to 20 metre depth, depending on the project requirements. Therefore, this dredger is especially suitable for thick layered sand extraction projects, deep-dredging projects and loose sediment dredging and suction. Some of the applications for this dredger include reservoir, lake & dam dredging.

Water Injection Dredger ECO 150

Water Injection Dredger 150 3D model

Water Injection Dredger 150, 3D model

Everyday, sustainability and environmental impact of dredging are becoming as significant as ever. Therefore, we believe that it is important to strive for innovation of the most responsible, greener solutions, but also pay attention to the existing dredging techniques. Therefore, among our new dredge series – we have a Water Injection Dredger ECO 150.

Water Injection Dredging is a hydrodynamic dredging method, considered to be one of the more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly dredging solutions. For a thorough insight into water injection dredging, when it is applicable and with what environmental impact, read here.

Water Injection dredger ECO 150 is an environmentally friendly solution, due to its low CO2 emissions & water injection method, which does not involve material removal from the ecosystem. It is ideal for silt dredging & other small maintenance projects, such as river, canal or channel dredging.

More Information on different types of dredgers

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