Customized CSD ECO 300

Dredge Yard has won a contract for the design and delivery of a customized Cutter Suction dredger ECO 300 to CDC Dredging L.L.C. The company purchased a new cutter dredger in order to participate in challenging projects involving hard soil.

We are planning to use this unique, newly designed and built, dismountable dredger with 120 kW cutter power to execute all challenging projects with hard soil, in locations where big dredgers, with similar power, could not reach, or could not be financially suitable to execute such projects” said Dr. Samer Kelani, Chief Executive Officer, CDC Dredging L.L.C.

The dredger was customized as follows:

  • Increased total installed power  – Caterpillar C18 engine in place of the standard C13
  • A hydraulic, rotary drum cutter head supplied by a collaborating company from Germany
  • Extended cutter dredger ECO 300 standard dredging depth of 6m to 12m for canal deepening project
  • Updated pontoon design for stability, and more.

For more information about the customized cutter dredger project click here, or visit the standard cutter suction dredger ECO 300 specifications here.