TSHD bow coupling

Dredge Yard engineered and delivered a dredge system for a trailing suction hopper dredger. To modify or upgrade existing dredgers we can supply separate components. With our components, you can also convert other vessels to trailing suction hopper dredgers.

Dredge system for maximum reliability

Dredge Yard calculates and engineers the suction and discharge system. That way we supply the best solutions according to the application and customers’ requirements.

Our main target, during the design and engineering, is to increase efficiency. This also extends the life cycle of the components as much as possible. As a result we offer a complete system with maximum reliability.

In addition a list of some of our dredge systems and components: dredge valve, dredge pump, turning gland, drag head, bow coupling, hopper overflow, sliding piece, bottom doors, gantry, suction arm, loading box and finally a jet water system with nozzles.