Euro Dredger Testing

The Euro Dredger 450 is a multi-purpose cutter suction dredger for soft and medium compacted sand and other sediments. It can dredge up to 10 m deep on inland waters, rivers and lakes. The vessel consists of 3 dismountable pontoons that are fixed by a rigid coupling system inside the pontoon. Dredge Yard designed the Euro Dredger 450 to be easily disassembled. Therefore it is perfectly suited for transport by road.

A series of versatile dredgers

The Euro Dredger 450 is the first of a complete series of versatile Cutter Suction Dredgers with a discharge pipe diameter of 450 mm. All dredgers will have an inboard dredge pump and a hydraulic driven cutter head installed. Dredge Yard also offers a wide range of options, such as a spud carrier system, anchor booms, submerged dredge pump and dredge automation & control.

The Euro Dredger 450 is custom built as a variation on Dredge Yards Cutter Suction Dredger 450.