Plain Suction Dredger ECO350

Dredge Yard introduces a new compact and economic plain suction dredger ECO350. This dredger is available in several variations and with different options to fit your specific needs.

Plain suction dredger benefits

This ECO350 dredger offers many benefits to operators. The dredger has, for example, an underwater dredge pump placed on the front part of the ladder. The complete dredge is transportable by standard 40 feet containers. It has an underwater dredge pump, side winches and a ladder winch, that are all driven by hydraulic motors.

Dredge Yard has developed this completely new dredger especially for dredging lakes, power plants, other small scale dredging and sand winning projects.

The plain suction dredger is a variation on the cutter suction dredger ECO350.