Customized dredging components delivered to Bahrain

Dredge Yard designed customized dredging components according to the customer’s existing dredger. This way all parts fit on the current dredging pipes and machinery. Our experts worked 24/7 to realize fast delivery. They also provided high quality castings, machining, welding, testing and inspections. Bahrain is located in the heart of Arabian Gulf. And it has become famous for undertaking massive dredging and land reclamation projects.

Manufacturing customized dredging components

Dredge Yards facilities in the United Arab Emirates manufactured all parts. As a result, the delivery time to Bahrain is much shorter. From there the parts are transported by trucks.

Dredge Yard is located across several countries. The company dedicates itself to the engineering, consulting and production of dredgers, dredging components, equipment and technologies.



Dredge Yard delivers heavy duty dredge ball joints to Van Oord

The dredge ball joints for Van Oord are suitable for pipes with an inner diameter of 900mm. They handle a working pressure up to 30 bar. The components are of a heavy-duty design for pumping water and sand for long distances. Dredge Yard tested the dredge ball joints in its special equipped facilities in Turkey, to assure high quality. The ball joints underwent thorough hydrostatic testing. Then they were tilted by hydraulic force to simulate working environments.

Heavy duty testing

Dredge Yard’s team of engineers managed and controlled the entire production and testing. They therefore relied upon their vast experience in casting, machining, assembly, testing and inspections.

All ball joints were delivered by trucks directly from Dredge Yard’s facilities in Turkey to Van Oord in the Netherlands, to ensure shortest delivery time.


Quality control of dredging equipment

At Dredge Yard we see quality control as one of our top priorities. We specialize in ECO Dredgers: economically designed and highly efficient auger or cutter suction dredgers. We have the reputation of providing high performing products. This reputation is earned due to controlling all phases of the development process like design, manufacturing and testing.

In-house quality control

Our engineer team designs all ECO Dredgers by using the latest CAD technologies. We produce components in co-operation with partners with high quality control on manufacturing facilities. After that they are tested under strict ISO and ASTM standards and double tested at third-party for verification.

During and after production, Dredge Yard tests all individual components rigorously:

  • The chemical composition and mechanical properties test.
  • Measurement test of all dimensions after casting.
  • Ultra sonic testing, magnetic particle.
  • Surface roughness test and dye penetrant inspection for critical parts.
  • Measurement test of all dimensions after machining, hardness test.
  • Assembly and interchangeability test.
  • Visual inspection for all parts during and after assembly.

We record all measurements and tests in our own database.

Dredge Yard management explains:

“We want to involve our customers and suppliers in all our activities in a very early stage of the projects. To ensure on time delivery, cost-effective production, low maintenance, low operation cost and high-grade of reliability of the products, we implement customer’s experiences in the design. Our customers are encouraged to witness any test in our production facilities.”

This is why Dredge Yard grabbed the attention of many dredging companies from all over the world.

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